Milestones spell out what you are to receive from the freelancer and, in return, pay them for. Once you receive the work, you’ll need to review it and make a decision to accept it or request changes.

You and your freelancer will decide how you'd like any files or other work product delivered to you. Files can be sent using your contract’s Message Room (recommended) or whatever third-party solutions you prefer.

When your freelancer submits a milestone for your approval, you have 14 days to review and approve or request changes.

To review a milestone

  1. Go to Jobs > My Jobs and choose the contract
  2. Click the Review & Pay button

Action options

  • Approval releases the payment to your freelancer.
  • Requesting changes closes the review period until the freelancer resubmits work on the milestone (then the 14-day review period starts over).

If you fail to respond to a submission within 14 days, you’ll be charged for the milestone automatically as your failure to respond is deemed approval. Therefore, it is important to mark “Request Changes” on the contract if you would like your freelancer to edit their submitted work.


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