Fixed-price contracts with money in escrow and no activity for 90 days are considered “dormant,” and the funds in escrow are released. This prevents money from being held in escrow for too long.


To avoid a dormant contract, we recommend keeping an active milestone with a deadline within 90 days.

After 90 days of inactivity, fixed-price contracts with funds in escrow will be considered dormant and closed 

  • After 76 days of inactivity, when there are still escrow funds in fixed-price contracts, clients and freelancers receive a two-week notice before the contract closure
  • If no action is taken, we send a second notice, one week in advance, before closing the contract
  • We encourage clients and freelancers to work together during this time to decide who will receive the funds in escrow 

If neither the client nor the freelancer takes action, the funds in escrow are released to the client. Learn more about what happens after a contract becomes dormant in the fixed-price service contract escrow instructions in our Terms of Service.


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