Once you are completely satisfied with the work submitted for a milestone, it’s time to release the payment to your freelancer.

To approve a milestone:

  1. Go to Jobs > My Jobs and choose the contract
  2. Click the Review & Pay button
  3. Choose Approve & Pay
  4. End the contract if the work is done or keep it open to continue
  5. [Optional] Add a bonus to pay extra or edit to lower the amount to be paid

Reminder: Approval is automatic after 14 days:  Funds held in escrow for the milestone will be automatically released to your freelancer if you do not take action to release funds or request changes to the submitted work in 14 days.

Best practice:  Release funds only when the work submitted is done and satisfactory. When you release funds from escrow (including by not responding for 14 days), you are agreeing to pay the freelancer for their work. If you release funds from escrow before work is submitted, or before you are satisfied with it, you lose leverage over the work completed and may run into issues. If you aren’t satisfied with the work, request changes instead of approving.



Add a bonus to a milestone

To pay more than your escrow deposit for extra work, add a bonus when you approve a milestone. Bonuses aren’t paid out of your existing escrow balance.

  1. Go to Jobs > My Jobs and choose the contract
  2. Click the Review & Pay button 



Release less than the full amount of a milestone

If you accept the work your freelancer submits and approve a milestone (or total amount) but pay less than the deposit you funded to escrow, the excess funds will be held over for the next milestone.

In this example, $15.00 has been funded for this milestone, but only $9.00 is released. The remaining $6.00 in escrow will fund the next milestone. If you’re also ending the contract, you’ll need to request an escrow refund for the remainder.


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