Invite External Clients to Upwork

We offer 0% on fees with new clients that Top Rated, Rising Talent, and Premium freelancers bring to Upwork. That's 0% on all contracts you have with that client, forever.

Why bring your outside clients to Upwork?

  • Streamline your payments and invoicing.
  • Enjoy Upwork Payment Protection.
  • Grow your Upwork history to help you rise in search results and earn more work.

How It Works

  1. Become a Top Rated freelancer.
  2. Look for an email from Upwork with the subject line “Get 0% on fees when you invite your clients to Upwork” — it will be sent within a few days after you earn Top Rated or Rising Talent status. Freelancers eligible for Premium Services should inquire about this offer with their Talent Agent.
  3. Follow the directions in the email to invite a client to Upwork. The email contains your personalized invitation link and complete instructions on how to qualify for the 0% fee.

Note: Your client must be new to Upwork and sign up using your personalized invitation link for you to qualify for this promotion.

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