Change an Enterprise contract's hourly rate

All rate changes should be discussed and agreed upon with your freelancer.

To change the hourly rate

  • Compliance* clients should contact their account team for any rate change.
  • All other contracts can be changed directly, in agreement with your freelancer. On Upwork, only the freelancer can lower a contract’s hourly rate and only the client can raise it.

To raise a rate on an hourly contract

  1. Go to Jobs and find the contract.
  2. Click the Actions button and choose Edit.
  3. Update your contract terms.

The existing contract will continue. It will be updated on your work histories to reflect the new rate.

If you talk to your freelancer and agree to lower the hourly rate, either have the freelancer lower the rate on this contract or end the contract on the agreed date and rehire your freelancer at the new rate.

* Don’t know if you’re enrolled in compliance services? Go to Settings > My Info > Company details. If it says "Enterprise Compliance," you are enrolled in compliance services. If it says "Enterprise Standard,” you are not. Learn more about compliance services.

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