Invite Outside Freelancers to Join You on Upwork

Bring Your Own Freelancer (BYOF) is a fast and simple way to add your existing freelancers and agency relationships to Upwork. It centralizes all your freelancer and agency relationships, collaboration, reporting and payments in one place. And expedites starting work with pre-approved contracts and onboarding tasks.

There are benefits for freelancers who are brought onto Upwork as well:

  • Get paid faster (within days of completing the work)
  • Simplify processing when getting started and invoicing the client



  1. Go to the Freelancers tab
  2. Choose Bring Your Own Freelancer
  3. Complete the invitation form

Your freelancer will receive an email with your request (which may also include an optional contract offer). They can click on the Get Started link in that email to create an Upwork account, create a basic profile, complete administrative tasks (if applicable), and then be added to your Talent Cloud. They will not be required to fill out a complete profile (but may choose to take that extra step).

Please note that your freelancer will be charged a BYO service fee as specified in your Enterprise agreement. This will be stated with the contract offer after the freelancer accepts the invitation. Most clients talk with their freelancers to negotiate contract terms before sending an invitation, taking any fees into consideration.

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