Extend a contract offer to a freelancer

After you've reviewed your proposals and found the right freelancer for the job, extending a contract to them is simple.


To extend a contract offer:

  1. Click the Jobs tab. Locate the job you want in your Open Jobs.
  2. Click the Hire Freelancer button.
    • Fill out the offer form.
    • Update the project description to what was decided between you and the freelancer
    • Set an end date for the contract.
  3. You’ll also set Talent Cloud, PO, and any custom fields here.
  4. The freelancer will be notified of your offer and could take three actions:
    • They could accept the offer, and the contract is activated.
    • They could decline your offer and withdraw their proposal.
    • They could message you to discuss alternative terms.


Important: Keep in mind that contracts are legally-binding, so it’s important to check that the project description and rate (or total amount and milestones), are up-to-date and complete. When engaging an independent contractor, you’ll want to specify the project to be completed and ensure all contract terms are clear and complete. In general, this will involve the same compliance consideration as your post’s description.  

Each time you submit a contract offer, the freelancer has 30 days to accept. When they accept, they can start work on the project and be automatically added to the specified Talent Cloud. You can confirm that your new contract is active by going to the My Jobs tab and checking the list of Contracts. If it is an hourly contract, your freelancer can’t log time on Upwork until the start date.


Change or Withdraw an Offer

If you changed your mind after making a freelancer an offer, you can change or withdraw your offer so long as the freelancer hasn’t already accepted it.

To change or withdraw your pending contract offer:

  1. Click the Jobs tab. Locate the job you want in your Pending Offers and click View Offer.
  2. Click Make a Different Offer or Withdraw Offer.

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