Get Help with Support Bot

Upwork Customer Support offers a support bot that functions as a kind of interactive search to help you find answers faster. Much smarter than a standard keyword search, you ask it questions and it will try to point you to not only the right help article but the exact information you need. You’ll find the support bot floating at the bottom right of this and every page in the help center.

What can I ask it?

The support bot works for general questions about how Upwork works, specific how-to questions, and troubleshooting common issues.

Sample questions

  1. How can I add another milestone to a contract?
  2. Can I have both a freelancer and client account?
  3. How do I track time with the Upwork app?

While the bot can answer a range of questions about how to use Upwork, please keep in mind it can’t answer account-specific questions. For that you’ll need to contact us —  just press the "Get Help" button at the bottom right of any help center page.

Please note that correct spelling and short, direct, single-topic questions work best. The bot is continually learning and new useful information is added on a regular basis. 

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