Program Owner Experience: Program & Insights

The program owner* experience on Upwork is different from other team members. Your navigation is specially arranged to give you access to the program owner-exclusive sets of pages: Program and Insights. All the pages about contracts, freelancers, etc. are consolidated under the Projects tab so you can still access them if needed.


We’ve designed the in-product, step-by-step Program guide to help program owners avoid common pitfalls and effectively scale usage of Upwork Enterprise across their company. Use this toolkit to implement effective program and change management, improve team productivity, and achieve company-wide success working with flexible talent. 


Through Insights, you can monitor your program’s performance and drill into activity data by category or by user. Plus, Upwork Trends provides a look into how other Enterprise clients are using Upwork and is intended to help you educate executives and win additional support for expanding the program. 

How can I use this information?

We offer program owners the Insights and Program pages to access key data (pulled monthly) within a given time period to understand:

  • How can I ensure users at my company are working with flexible talent effectively and have better project outcomes?
  • Where can I find information on specific categories to educate my colleagues on what's possible with Upwork?
  • How can I measure the impact of my program?
  • How can I extend the benefits of Upwork Enterprise across my company?
  • What types of resources do I have to drive adoption?
  • Where can I find the total number of registered users at my company?
  • How can I identify top and low performers?
  • Which categories are we spending the most and least in?
  • Which categories or types of projects can my company do on Upwork?
  • How do other compare to other Enterprise clients using Upwork?

If you have any questions about the Insights and Program pages or need access to the program owner experience, please contact your account team.

* Note: The program owner experience is enabled manually by your account team. You must have company-wide admin privileges to be designated a program owner at this time.

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