The Upwork Community a place where freelancers and clients can ask and answer questions, search topics, learn, socialize and get updates about Upwork.

Specific Upwork-related questions asked on the community are usually answered in an hour or so, either by a member of the Upwork team or by an experienced member of the Community.

The Community is also where members will share input on existing features and suggestions for new features. If users have any ideas on how we can improve their experience on Upwork, the Community is a great place to share that feedback.

Things you’ll see on the Community

    • Different discussion categories including:
      • Announcements for official Upwork communication.
      • Content Corner to find tips and best practices.
      • Freelancer and Client boards to discuss with other members
      • Job Skills for discussions specific to IT & Programming, Writing & Translation, and Admin Support.
      • Groups for things like country-level discussions, events, and other conversation “spaces.”
    • Search functionality to find or post a question from the search bar.
    • Community profile page to find your latest posts and kudoed posts.
    • Private Message feature.
    • A kudos function that lets you quickly like a post or reply.

For more information on how to use the community, check out our Community Basics area and the Community Guidelines for some basic rules of engagement. See what’s happening in the Upwork Community now.


How do I sign up?

You already have. If you’re using Upwork, you’ll be able to sign right into the Community by going to or from your navigation bar by clicking the question mark and selecting Community and Forums.

How do I get started in the Community?

First, familiarize yourself with the Community Guidelines found on our Announcement board.

Then just click on a thread to join a discussion, or click new reply to start your own.

Will my participation in the Community affect my profile/activity in the marketplace?

No, like today your participation in the Community is not reflected on your work profile. That said, as this Community becomes more and more successful, we definitely want to find ways to give you more credit for your participation here.

How do I use kudos/Best Answer/other options/features?

Check out our Community Basics board which features several threads on how to use the Community. You can ask for more information on these features and how to use them.

I posted in a discussion but now I don’t see it, where is it?

When on the Community page if you click on the portrait icon in the top right corner of the navigation menu you will be directed to your Community Profile, here you can see your latest post, kudoed posts and those you’ve kudoed.

I am unable to use the private message feature, it says I’m restricted.

New Community members are unable to access certain features until they’ve begun posting on threads. This limits spam posting. If you have a specific question it’s better to post it on the boards.

I’ve been restricted or banned from the Community what do I do?

If you have been banned or restricted you will see a notification detailing the reason when attempting to log-on to the Community. If you feel this notification is in error contact customer support.

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