To help keep agencies running smoothly, agency owners, business managers, and admins can all edit your agency members' general and specialized profile rates and visibility. These details can be changed in Find Work › Agency Roster.

Set your agency roster details

  • Member’s Profile Rate — Set the rate displayed on the profile of any exclusive agency freelancer
  • Agency Hourly Rate — Set a custom hourly rate directly on your agency profile
  • Visibility — Decide who can find your agency freelancer's profile in the marketplace
  • Hide Profile Rate — Keep rates and earnings private by preventing agency members from seeing rates and earnings on their own profiles or the agency's profile (requires members’ profile visibility be set to “Upwork Users Only” or “Hidden”)


Remember, the option to switch an agency member’s profile rate or visibility is only available for exclusive agency freelancers. Learn more about exclusive vs. non-exclusive agency members here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our agency rates vary by project. Do I have to set an hourly rate?

All accounts must have an hourly rate set, but you are free to change the rate or negotiate different rates on specific projects. You may want to display the average hourly rate of a team member if it varies. If you have more than one team member in your agency, the agency’s profile will automatically show the range of your team members’ rates. You can also choose to set an agency hourly rate directly on your profile.

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