An agency account contains agency info and showcases freelancers associated with your agency. Your agency profile is your opportunity to brand your agency and, by extension, your agency members, on Upwork. The agency owner (and others with admin privileges) can edit the agency’s profile and contact information by going to Settings > Agency Profile. Read about best practices for creating a great agency profile if you need assistance.

Your agency freelancers' profiles will link to your agency profile (and vice versa). Your company name, tagline, description, and logo will be displayed on your agency members' profiles, proposals, and in search results. Additional agency data will be shown along with your profile. This includes your agency's total hours, hourly rate range, and Job Success Score.

Profile Tips

  • Photo: of company logo
  • Overview: Describe agency expertise, industry, type of clients, and project highlights
  • Skills: Agency’s skills (do not have to fall into primary category of work)
  • Hourly rate: This is a range of the members’ rates. You can edit in Find Work > Agency Roster
  • Portfolio: Upload a range of projects that showcase agency skill sets
  • Agency profiles must not contain any direct contact information (including email addresses, phone numbers, and chat IDs).
  • Agency profiles must not advertise products or services outside or beyond the scope of the Upwork marketplace.

I am asked to select a primary category of work, but my agency works equally across multiple categories. Which do I select?

Select the most common category of work you will pursue. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to add additional categories once your profile is set up ( in Agency Settings > Profile Settings > Categories). And you can submit proposals in any category where you find a relevant job post.

Why is the work history on my agency profile incomplete?

At this time, Upwork only displays up to 75 projects on the Work history in agency profiles. If your agency has completed more than 75 projects, only 75 will be displayed on the agency profile.

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