Your agency profile gives you the opportunity to tell your story, showcase your brand, and highlight your past projects and achievements as an agency. With a range of customizable options, your profile will play a major role in winning projects.

Edit Your Profile

The agency owner (and users with admin privileges) can edit the agency’s profile and contact information from their agency account by going to Find WorkAgency Profile. For ideas, read best practices for creating a great agency profile.

When editing your profile, be sure to complete the basics:

  • Your agency name: The name of the company
  • Your photo: An agency logo
  • Your tagline: A slogan or descriptive phrase
  • Your agency's average hourly rate: When you submit proposals, you can suggest different rates
  • Your overview: A short description of your agency and why a client should choose your agency
  • At least one "Agency Service": What your agency specializes in (copywriting, SEO optimization, HR consulting, etc.). You can select up to 10 services.
  • A primary location: A city you primarily operate from

Provide details with the following fields:

  • Skills: List your agency’s skills (up to 15)
  • Agency details: Add office locations, minimum project size, and more
  • Video: Add a video to better tell your agency’s story
  • Agency website: If you have additional work on your website, you can link your agency’s website (only visible to Upwork Enterprise clients).
  • Featured clients: Demonstrate your success with previous clients (up to 12)
  • Awards and certifications: List any verifiable awards and certificates you’ve received outside of Upwork (up to 10)*
  • Portfolio: Display work from past projects


*In the Awards and certifications section of your profile, only share verifiable, externally generated recognitions that your business has received. Do not include self-identified skills or unverified claims. Don't include freelancer or agency badges (such as Top Rated, Top Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted) or skills certifications from Upwork. If you’ve earned those, they are already listed on your profile. You also shouldn't include claims about ranking on Upwork unless you've been individually recognized by a member of our team.

Brand your profile with graphics including:

  • Banner: Showcase your brand with a custom banner
    • Select a high-quality image (recommended size: 3200px by 320px) with little to no text. It will be automatically adjusted to the viewer's screen size.
  • Tagline: Standout in search results with your own slogan
  • URL: Join an Agency Plus plan to create a custom vanity URL

Note: All the information in your profile must be true. Our Terms of Service prohibit fraudulent or misleading activity, including providing inaccurate information on your profile. This includes misrepresenting your identity, business, skills, awards, or experience.

Your Profile Display

Your agency profile will always show key statistics pulled from Upwork, including:

  • Your agency roster, including your members and business managers
  • The date your account was created
  • The number of jobs, hours worked, and earnings of your agency on Upwork
  • The Agency’s Job Success Score
  • The range of your agency members’ hourly rates, or your custom agency hourly rate

The above display information is calculated automatically and is public on your profile. Your agency freelancers' profiles will link to your agency profile (and vice versa). Your company name, tagline, description, and logo will be displayed on your agency members' profiles, proposals, and in search results.

Pro Tip:

Think like a client! Fill your profile with searchable keywords that potential clients might search for. Skip cliche descriptors like “reliable” and “professional” in favor of descriptive project descriptions, specialty services, or specific industry experience.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I create an agency?

Click here to learn more about creating an agency. In order to purchase Connects and submit proposals for your agency, you need to enroll in an Agency Plus plan for $20.00 per month.

I can’t update my agency profile, what should I do?

Only the agency owner and agency members with admin privileges can update the profile, please speak to your agency owner if you want to update your permissions.

Is all of the information required for my agency profile?

All of the customizable fields in your agency profile are optional, so you can leave a section blank if you prefer. The fields that are not customizable, listed here, will automatically display on your profile.

Why is the work history on my agency profile incomplete?

Up to 75 projects of your work history can be displayed in agency profiles. If your agency has completed more than 75 projects, only 75 will be displayed on the agency profile.

If I have an agency profile, do my agency members need to have complete profiles too?

Yes, clients like to view who is representing your agency. It’s a way to build trust and connection! It also improves your relevance in search results, so be sure to accurately complete all profiles on Upwork.

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