To help you organize and manage the freelancers in your agency, we offer a range of different roles and permissions that you can assign.

Agency owners and admins can edit agency members' roles and permissions by going to SettingsMembers & Permissions.

Member roles

  • Owner — This person is ultimately responsible for the agency. Only the owner can create additional teams within an agency. The owner is always an admin.
  • Admin — Can add, remove, and update agency members permissions. Admins also have full financial access and can buy more Connects.
  • Financial — Full access to the agency’s financial account, including payment methods, billing methods, and reports.
  • Business Manager — Can submit and manage team proposals and contracts for all your team members, as well as adjust exclusive freelancer profile rates and profile visibility. Can see agency time-based reports, including Weekly Summary.
  • Agency Freelancer — Does work on behalf of the agency. Can submit proposals, but can't accept/decline offers. Can see reports about their own work, but can't see their rates on their reports or contracts. Can see their profile rates unless a manager hides them via the roster settings.
    • Exclusive — Can only work on agency contracts.
    • Non-Exclusive — Can do work both for the agency and independently. The agency can only access their agency proposals and contracts.


  • Work Diary Access — Work Diaries are used to bill time on hourly contracts. Only the agency member hired can bill time to that contract through the Work Diary.
    • Full — View access to the Work Diaries for all agency contracts. Time-logging and Work Diary editing for their own contracts. Can see agency reports.
    • None — Can't see any agency Work Diaries or reports (unless their role gives additional reports access).
  • Chat Access — Clients can always contact their hired agency freelancers via messages. You can choose chat access levels within your agency.
    • No One — Can't send messages (via the website, desktop app, or mobile app) to anyone in the agency unless they've received a message from that person first.
    • Team Members — Can see and chat with anyone on the same team.
    • Company Members — Can see and chat with everyone in the agency, across all teams.

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