Change Password or Security Question and Answer

In order to change your password or your security question and answer, you need to know your current password or security answer. If you have forgotten either of them, click here for information on resetting them.

It is recommended that you change your password every 90 days and use a strong password that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Your security answer should be something memorable for you, but not easy for someone to guess or find online. Do not share your password or security answer with anyone, and never allow others to log into your Upwork account.

To change your password

  1. Go to Settings  Password & Security
  2. Click the ✎ icon in the Password section
  3. Enter your existing password then create a new one
  4. Check the box "Require that all devices sign in with new password"
    1. This will log out all active sessions

To change your security question and answer

  1. Go to Settings  Password & Security
  2. Click the ✎ icon in the Security question section
  3. Enter your current security answer and choose a new question and answer

If you suspect that your account has been compromised click here to report the problem to our support team.

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