Hourly and Fixed-Price Contract Differences

There are two types of jobs on Upwork, hourly and fixed-price. Jobs listed will show the client's preferred contract type when you submit a proposal

  • For Hourly jobs: You include your hourly rate when submitting a proposal for a project. This rate may be further negotiated during the interview process.
  • For Fixed-Price jobs: You submit your price for the entire project when submitting a proposal, along with any suggested milestones. This price may be further negotiated during the interview process and additional milestones may be added after you’ve been hired.

Clients can search for freelancers and invite them to submit a proposal. If you receive an invitation you can accept the invite and submit a proposal as outlined above, or decline the invitation.

Once you have begun working on a contract

  • For Hourly: You need to have the Upwork Desktop App installed and running to log time for a contract. Clients decide whether manual time adjustments will be allowed and can set a weekly limit on billable hours.
  • For Fixed-Price: Once you have completed a milestone you will submit work to your client. From there your client reviews the submission and can either approve the work or request changes.

Payment Protection

Your payment

  • For Hourly: Hourly jobs are paid according to the weekly billing cycle. The weekly billing period ends on Sunday. Funds are available for withdrawal 10 days from the end of the weekly billing period (the following Wednesday), after the client review and security hold periods.
  • For Fixed-Price: Fixed-price jobs are paid into escrow and released at the completion of a milestone or project. Funds become available for withdrawal after a security hold period of five days.

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