You can download the Upwork for Freelancers App from the iTunes App Store, or the Google Play Store.

The Upwork for Freelancers app lets freelancers and agencies stay connected to their projects on Upwork anytime, anywhere. Now you can do almost everything you normally do on a desktop or mobile web browser from your mobile device.

    • Register for an account
    • Search jobs and submit proposals
    • View, accept or decline invitations and offers
    • Update your profile
    • Receive notifications
    • Reply to and compose messages
    • End contracts and give feedback
    • Edit payment methods
    • Verify your identity when applying to U.S. jobs

NOTE: If you are working with Upwork Enterprise clients you will still need to use a browser for onboarding tasks and viewing your Talent Cloud page.

Compatibility Requirements

The Upwork for Freelancers iOS app is compatible with all iPhones running the two most recent versions of iOS.

The Upwork for Freelancers Android app requires an Android 8.0+ device with Google Play services.

Issues with the Upwork for Freelancers App

Is there a separate app for clients?

Yes, there is a separate Upwork for Clients app, click here to learn more.

I have client and freelancer accounts. Which app should I use?

If you use Upwork as a freelancer and as a client, you should keep both apps. 

Can I use my same login information on the new app?

Yes, you can continue using your same freelancer login info on the new app.

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