Invitation to Create a Freelancer Account

Clients can send a Bring Your Own (BYO) invitation to freelancers they know outside Upwork. They're asking you to join Upwork and continue doing business with them through our platform.

Benefits of joining Upwork

Upwork helps you connect with top businesses around the world, or near you. We simplify the process of managing your projects, collaborating, and invoicing clients. With Upwork, you’ll experience:

  • Simplified invoicing and payment processing; work is covered by Upwork Payment Protection and clients are invoiced automatically on hourly contracts
  • Get paid within days of completing work; payments become available for withdrawal within days of completing your work
  • Find additional work with global companies; with hundreds of thousands of active clients, finding new work has never been easier

Before creating an Upwork account, you should

  • Identify account email address; to receive project requests and client communications

Setup your freelancer account

Once you receive an invitation, it’s time to create your Upwork account.

  1. Click on the link from your invite to activate your account
  2. Enter basic information to set up your account

Once your account is created, the next step to getting started is to accept the contract. Then, you can go back to your Settings to:

  • Add a payment method; setting up a payment method is required to withdraw earnings. Click here to learn more about managing how you get paid
  • Complete your profile; having a well-written and complete profile will help you stand out and land new projects. Click here to view sample profiles and best practices
How does Upwork work?
You can learn more about how Upwork works, here.
Why does Upwork charge fees?
Upwork charges service fees for the services it provides to make running a freelance business easier -- communication, invoicing, reporting, dispute resolution and payment services that it provides to freelancers and agencies -- so that freelancers and agencies can focus their time on growing their businesses.
How do I find new projects on Upwork?
You can search jobs under Find Work to find projects with other clients on Upwork.
What’s involved with the compliance process prior to accepting a contract?
Depending on the type of client and project, you may be asked to provide a questionnaire and business documents to establish whether you’re operating your business as an independent contractor. Click here to read more on the process.
I only want to work with my BYO client. How can hide my profile?
On the Find Work homepage, you can set your profile visibility to private via the right side menu.

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