Milestones are used to define the deliverables you will submit, and the payment you will receive for those deliverables, during a fixed-price contract. As a freelancer or agency, you can help manage your fixed-price contracts by proposing changes to your client for active and future milestones.

Together with your client, you can plan your deliverables and set expectations throughout the contract. You can’t delete an active milestone, but you can ask the client to delete future milestones. You can also edit the amount or due date of any active or future milestone and propose additional milestones.

When you submit your proposed changes, your client will see the proposal and have the option to accept or reject your suggestions.

Pro Tip:

Discuss any changes you would like to make with your client before submitting a request.

Add or propose milestone changes

  1. Go to My Jobs and open the contract
  2. From Milestones & Earnings, choose Manage milestones
  3. Enter the details and choose Send Request for Approval

Note: If you are working on an agency contract, only the agency manager can submit a request to add or change future milestones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit or withdraw my changes?

If your client has not yet accepted or rejected your request you can withdraw your suggestions. To do so:

  1. Go to My Jobs and open the contract
  2. From Milestones & Earnings, choose View Changes
  3. Choose Withdraw

If you want to edit your suggestions please withdraw your request and submit a new one.

Can I make changes to active milestones?

Yes! Freelancers can propose changes to an active milestone’s name, due date and description, as well as ask to increase the amount. The request is then sent to the client to approve or deny. If approved, any increase in milestone amount will be deposited into escrow. 

What happens if my client doesn’t respond to my request?

The milestone request will not expire. Your client will have to either accept or decline your proposed changes before adding or making changes to future milestones themselves. You should not work on a milestone until it is accepted and funded by your client. If the client does not reply to your proposal, you can reach out to them via Messages.

What if my client adds a milestone but I didn't agree to it?

If you didn't agree to the milestone, you can ask the client to delete the milestone. If the milestone wasn't what you were expecting, reach out to your client to discuss the milestone to determine whether it can be edited or should be deleted.

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