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Categories and specializations

Accounting and Consulting
Subcategory Specialty Description
Accounting & Bookkeeping    
  Accounting Bookkeeping, financial statements, audits, tax returns, and more. Reports and summaries of financial data to measure the financial health of an individual or business.
  Bookkeeping Records of financial transactions such as purchases, sales, receipts, and payments by an individual or an organization/corporation.
Financial Planning    
  Financial Analysis & Modeling Forecast and analysis of a business' financial performance in the future, based on the company’s past performance and budget, to enable informed business decisions.
  Financial Management/CFO Planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating all the tasks associated with managing financial resources.
Management Consulting & Analysis    
  Business Analysis & Strategy Identification of a business' user needs and finding the IT technical or procedural solutions to improve products and efficiency.
  Instructional Design Online courses, manuals, tutorials, and other instructional materials.
  Management Consulting High level industry insight, business strategy, problem solving and management advice to improve a company's performance and growth.
Personal & Professional Coaching    
  Career Coaching Career coaching is the process of helping professionals make informed decisions about their career choices.
  Personal Coaching Personal coaching is the process of helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment.
Recruiting & Human Resources    
  HR Administration Management of the HR Department, including personnel records, HR databases, HR documents, and all general human resource administrative tasks.
  Recruiting & Talent Sourcing Recruiters actively seek out, find and hire candidates for a specific position or job.Talent sourcers identify, research, and network with potential job candidates to convert into job applicants.
  Training & Development Employee training and development seminars, webinars and workshops to motivate, promote teamwork and improve performance.
Other - Accounting & Consulting    
  Tax Preparation Professionally prepared tax returns for an individual or business.
Admin Support
Subcategory Specialty Description
Data Entry & Transcription Services    
  Data Entry Entry of new data into your computer system or updates of existing data tables.
  Dropshipping & Order Processing Keep your customers happy with timely order fulfillment through selection, packing and delivery of ordered items to a shipping carrier.
  Manual Transcription Manual transcription involves utilizing highly-trained individuals, rather than technology, to create a transcript.
  Other Data Entry & Transcription Services  
Market Research & Product Reviews    
  General Research Services Internet data collection using search engines and specialized tools for data scraping and data mining.
  Market Research Market research is gathering and analyzing information about consumer needs and industry trends to determine market strategy.
  Product Reviews Product reviews are used on eCommerce sites to give customers an opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased. 
  Qualitative Research Qualitative research focuses on the "why" rather than the "what" of social phenomena and depends on the direct experiences of human beings.
  Quantitative Research Quantitative research is the process of collecting and analyzing numerical data. 
  Web & Software Product Research Interviews, usability studies, and surveys to understand user behavior, needs, and motivations.
  Other Market Research & Product Reviews  
Project Management    
  Business Project Management Business projects achieve defined business objectives aligning to a business strategy. Business project management manages internal business projects to further a company’s strategy or objectives.
  Construction & Engineering Project Management Construction project management focuses on cost control, scheduling, procurement, and risk assessment for construction projects, from architects to owners to contractors.
  Development & IT Project Management Dev & IT project management strategizes, plans, organizes and delineates responsibility for development and information technology (IT) goals.
  Digital Project Management Digital project managers manage a company's online strategies. They develop digital campaigns, web applications, identify risks and draw up support documents, and write up detailed plans and reports.
  Healthcare Project Management Healthcare project management focuses on resolving issues in health operations and implementing policies that improve patient care.
  Supply Chain & Logistics Project Management Supply chain project managers oversee projects focused on manufacturing operations and material procurement. They develop plans to purchase goods, monitor supply, and oversee inventory management.
  Other Project Management  
Virtual Assistance    
  Executive Virtual Assistance Executive virtual assistance focuses on administrative, technical, and creative support to clients remotely.
  General Virtual Assistance Remote administrative assistance such as answering emails or phone calls, scheduling meetings, invoicing, travel arrangements, or anything else that can be done off-site.
  Legal Virtual Assistance Legal virtual assistance supports lawyers at a law firm. Includes filing, research, scheduling and clerical functions to support an attorney or a law practice.
  Medical Virtual Assistance Medical virtual assistance provides services like answering phones, resolving issues, prescription refills, preauthorizations, billing, and medical transcriptions. 
  Personal Virtual Assistance Personal virtual assistance offers services from a remote location. Tasks include scheduling appointments, phone calls, travel arrangements, and managing email accounts.
  Other Virtual Assistance  
Customer Service
Subcategory Specialty Description
Community Management & Tagging    
  Community Management Advocacy and growth for a brand or cause through community engagement, social media management, content creation, event coordination, or other outreach.
  Content Moderation Content moderation is the process an online platform uses to screen user-generated content for undesirable or illegal material.
  Visual Tagging & Processing Visual tagging is helpful in tagging inventory, where all relevant attributes can be extracted from an image of the product.
  Other Community Management & Tagging  
Customer Service & Tech Support    
  Customer Onboarding Customer onboarding is the preparation of new customers for the successful first use of a product.
  Customer Success Customer success is a business strategy for managing customer relationships to sustain customer satisfaction. 
  Email, Phone & Chat Support Customer service is assistance provided by a company to users of their products and services
  IT Support IT Support troubleshoots computer issues and provides guidance to users
  Tech Support User-friendly email, phone, or other assistance for customers having technical problems with electronic devices or software.
  Other Customer Service & Tech Support  
Data Science and Analytics
Subcategory Specialty Description
AI & Machine Learning    
  AI Data Annotation & Labeling AI-driven annotation employs machine learning algorithms to automatically label the data. Over time, iteratively refining and improving the AI model can achieve higher annotation accuracy.
  Deep Learning Computer programs, such as the ones behind driverless cars, that use a subset of machine learning to learn by example through artificial neural networks.
  Generative AI Modeling Generative AI models can create graphs that show new chemical compounds and molecules that aid in drug discovery, create realistic images for virtual or augmented reality, produce 3D models for video games, design logos, enhance or edit existing images and more.
  Knowledge Representation Computer lists, tree-graphs, and semantic networks that represent data in a format usable for AI applications.
  Machine Learning Computer programs, such as email filters, that can access data and use it to learn for themselves through algorithms and statistical models.
Data Analysis & Testing    
  A/B Testing Comparison of two versions of a webpage, ad, app, or any variable against each other to determine which one performs better.
  Data Analytics Analysis of data sets to discover useful information that can guide business decisions and test theories. 
  Data Visualization Statistical graphics, plots, infographics, charts, diagrams, or pictures created to represent data visually.
  Experimentation & Testing Experimentation involves testing a product or service with the goal of innovation. Testing involves the validation of a product or service. 
Data Extraction/ETL    
  Data Extraction Retrieval of data from (often unstructured) data sources and formats for further processing and/or storage.
  Data Processing Meaningful information produced through collecting and manipulating raw data, such as from written forms or invoices.
Data Mining & Management    
  Data Engineering Design, building, and maintenance of data infrastructures, such as databases and large-scale processing systems. 
  Data Mining Examination and evaluation of datasets to find anomalies, correlations and other patterns.
Design and Creative
Subcategory Specialty Description
Art & Illustration    
  Cartoons & Comics Cartoons are illustrations drawn in a non-realistic or semi-realistic artistic style. A comic is a publication that consists of art in the form of sequential panels that represent individual scenes
  Fine Art Fine art is created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness.
  Illustration Visual representation of the concepts or processes in books, magazines, online publications, or other media. 
  Pattern Design A pattern is a design in which lines, shapes, forms or colors are repeated.
  Portraits & Caricatures A portrait picture or painting focuses on the head and shoulders. A caricature is a pictorial representation with features that are exaggerated for comic effect.
Audio & Music Production    
  AI Speech & Audio Generation AI voices are synthetic voices that mimic human speech through a process called deep learning, where artificial intelligence is used to convert text into speech. Often referred to as TTS or Text-To-Speech.
  Audio Editing Fully edited and mixed audio output for speeches, music, videos, and other media.
  Audio Production Audio production covers everything related to recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio in order to get it ready to be released publicly.
  Music Production Oversight and management of the recording and production of music for a band or performer.
  Songwriting & Music Composition New pieces of instrumental or vocal music created to your specifications.
Branding & Logo Design    
  Brand Identity Design Brand name, logo, packaging and other visuals, custom created to deliver your design message.
  Logo Design A logo is a symbol made up of text and images that identifies a business.
Graphic, Editorial & Presentation Design    
  AI Image Generation & Editing With AI Image Generator, you can describe the image you want to create, and get back four AI generated options. You can also use AI to select and edit an area of any image (including images you upload) and add, replace, change, or remove any element.
  Art Direction Oversight and management of the artistic aspects of a film, publication, or other media production. 
  Creative Direction Oversight of a company's creative vision and strategy in creating digital and print materials.
  Editorial Design Design of the layout and visual aesthetics of books, newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
  Graphic Design Ads, brochures, magazines, corporate reports, websites, and more, created to visually communicate your message.
  Image Editing Altered images, with changes ranging from simple adjustments in lighting to more complex changes in the background or subject matter.
  Packaging Design Packaging design is the process of designing product packaging to securely contain, identify and deliver a product.
  Presentation Design Sales decks, slide shows, and print collateral for sales and marketing presentations.
NFT, AR/VR & Game Art    
  AR/VR Design Augmented reality apps that add digital elements to a live view. Virtual reality apps that create a complete immersion experience.
  Game Art Game art is the visual elements you see while playing a game.
  NFT Art An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a unique digital representation of a work of art. It's akin to a certificate of authenticity or a deed and it's recorded on a blockchain.
Performing Arts    
  Acting Acting is the art of portraying a person or character in a performance such as a movie or play.
  Music Performance Live or recorded music performed with vocals and instruments.
  Singing A vocalist sings the vocal portion of a song, often backed by accompanying instrumentals.
  Voice Talent Voice talents are persons who perform voice-overs for radio, television, films, or presentations.
  Local Photography Local photographers can help with portraits, lifestyle, events or fashion photography.
  Product Photography Product photography is photos taken and used on websites and social media platforms to help drive sales of products.
Product Design    
  Fashion Design Design of clothing and accessories.
  Jewelry Design Rings, lockets, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry designed and created.
  Product & Industrial Design Concepts and designs for products (including vehicles) intended for mass production.
Video & Animation    
  2D Animation Two-dimensional hand-drawn or computer-assisted characters, storyboards, logos, and backgrounds as moving images.
  3D Animation Computer-generated images that appear to move in three-dimensional space. Used for cartoons, gaming, business demos, and more.
  AI Video Generation & Editing AI video generators are powerful tools that leverage machine learning algorithms to automate the process of creating video content.
  Motion Graphics Animated text or graphics, often used to present information to the viewer for commercial purposes.
  Video Editing Edited video footage with sound, music, and titles.
  Video Production Video content for entertainment or marketing use. Includes writing, shooting, and editing of the video.
  Videography Shooting of professionally composed video footage for film or marketing.
  Visual Effects Visual effects is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live-action shot in filmmaking.
Engineering and Architecture
Subcategory Specialty Description
3D Modeling & CAD    
  3D Modeling & Rendering 3D design, 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D animation, and 3D visualization to create lifelike graphics using a multistep software imaging process.
  CAD Computer-aided design (CAD) is the process of using computers to create, modify, optimize, or analyze a design.
Building & Landscape Architecture    
  Architectural Design Architecture is the design of buildings and other structures, often using 3D CAD software.
  Landscape Architecture Landscape architecture combines nature and culture to create attractive landscapes.
Chemical Engineering    
  Chemical & Process Engineering Development, design and oversight of industrial processes and equipment used to turn raw materials into finished products ranging from chemicals to food.
Civil & Structural Engineering    
  Building Information Modeling Digital representations of the physical and functional characteristics of a building and other constructions.
  Civil Engineering Planning, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure projects such as roads, canals, airports, sewerage systems, pipelines, buildings, and railways
  Structural Engineering Design, analysis, building, and maintenance of load-bearing or resisting structures, such as dams, skyscrapers, and bridges.
Contract Manufacturing    
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management Management of the flow of goods and services from origin to consumption.
  Sourcing & Procurement Acquisition of goods and services, often via a competitive bidding process.
Electrical & Electronic Engineering    
  Electrical Engineering Electrical, wiring, or P&ID design, photometric analysis, material take-off, load calculation, and CAD using tools such as AutoCAD, ETAP, DIALux, DIgSILENT, or NEPLAN.
  Electronic Engineering PCB and hardware design and production for all electronics.
Energy & Mechanical Engineering    
  Energy Engineering Computer modeling and energy audits that analyze the use of energy to maximize its potential and sustainability for both conventional and renewable energy sources.
  Mechanical Engineering Design and construction of machines, especially for manufacturing.
Interior & Trade Show Design    
  Interior Design Floor plans, lighting selection, elevations, furniture planning, and color palettes that design the interior of a room or a building.
  Trade Show Design Trade show design involves the development of an exhibit from a concept to a physical exhibition piece.
Physical Sciences    
  Biology Scientific writing, research, or study of living organisms and the mechanisms that govern life.
  Chemistry Identifying substances, their properties, and how they react with each other to develop product formulas for all industries.
  Mathematics Calculations and computations related to quantity, structure, space, and change.
  Physics Expertise in the science of matter and its behavior through time and space.
  STEM Tutoring STEM Tutoring offers one-to-one tutoring, specializing in Math and Science for Middle School, High School, and College students.
IT and Networking
Subcategory Specialty Description
Database Management & Administration    
  Database Administration Database administration includes database design, migration, optimization, and more to ensure the performance, integrity, and security of a database.
DevOps & Solution Architecture    
  Cloud Engineering Building and maintaining infrastructure or applications (such as SaaS or PaaS) in cloud-based environments hosted on Azure, AWS, or GCP.
  DevOps Engineering DevOps engineering involves helping software developers, system operators, and other staff collaborate and enable the rapid deployment of products.
  Solution Architecture Analysis, recommendations, models, collaboration frameworks, and leadership for building technology solutions.
ERP/CRM Software    
  Business Applications Development Development of dashboards, reports, customer portals & apps, automated workflows, and more using CRM, Productivity, or ERP software such as Salesforce or Sharepoint.
  Systems Engineering Design and management of the details of a complex computer system.
Information Security & Compliance    
  Information Security Security assessments, penetration testing, vulnerability testing, reviews, policies, and consulting regarding the physical or digital information of an organization.
  IT Compliance IT compliance ensures that computer systems comply with legal requirements and minimize harm to consumers due to violations of law
  Network Security Implementation of the hardware and software necessary to protect any data that is sent through your network.
Network & System Administration    
  Network Administration Maintenance and organization of a company's networking infrastructure, such as switches, hubs, and routers
  Systems Administration Management of IT infrastructure, servers, hardware, and software systems.
Subcategory Specialty Description
Corporate & Contract Law    
  Business & Corporate Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding forming and running businesses, acquisitions, mergers, and shareholders’ rights.
  Intellectual Property Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding securing and enforcing legal rights to creative works and inventions.
  Paralegal Services Research, investigative work, and preparation of legal documents to assist a lawyer.
Finance & Tax Law    
  Securities & Finance Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding anything that can be traded on a secondary market, such as stocks, bonds, options, or mutual funds.
  Tax Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding the constitutional, statutory, and regulatory rules of taxation.
International & Immigration Law    
  Immigration Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding immigration into and emigration or deportation from a country.
  International Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding international business, trade, or criminal issues.
Public Law    
  Labor & Employment Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding employee rights and protections and the relationship with trade unions.
  Regulatory Law Expertise in laws and legal documents regarding complex government laws, rules, regulations, procedures, permitting, applications, or enforcement matters.
Sales and Marketing
Subcategory Specialty Description
Digital Marketing    
  Campaign Management Reporting, optimization, media buying, and more to create, execute, and monitor all types of marketing campaigns from email to social media to influencers.
  Display Advertising Display advertising is a mode of online advertising where marketers use banner ads along with other visual ad formats to advertise their product on websites, apps, or social media.
  Email Marketing Strategy and content for drip campaigns, newsletters, onboarding sequences, lead nurturing emails, and more to promote brands and develop customer relationships.
  Marketing Automation Marketing automation is the process of using software to automate marketing actions, allowing organizations to be more effective.
  Search Engine Marketing Market research, data mining, list building, and other services to identify and cultivate potential customers through content, ads, social media, email, phone, and more.
  SEO Develop strategic opportunities to grow a company by developing partnerships, managing relationships, or identifying unique market opportunities through market research.
  Social Media Marketing Social media marketing is the process of using organic and paid social media posts and ads to build awareness, promote a brand, and connect with an audience.
Lead Generation & Telemarketing    
  Lead Generation Identify, cultivate, and acquire potential customers by conducting market research, building lists, nurturing leads, and setting appointments.
  Sales & Business Development Develop strategic opportunities to grow a company by developing partnerships, managing relationships, or identifying unique market opportunities through market research.
  Telemarketing List building, cold calling, telemarketing scriptwriting, and more that introduce, promote, or provide information about products or services to potential customers.
Marketing, PR & Brand Strategy    
  Brand Strategy Long term plan for a brand to achieve its marketing and sales goals.
  Content Strategy Planning, strategizing, and managing of content and messaging in blogs, video scripts, or social media posts to grow a business or brand.
  Marketing Strategy Conduct research and analysis to form your marketing strategy and plan that will achieve your business objectives.
  Public Relations Press releases, crisis management, speeches, media outreach, influencer marketing and more to build and maintain a positive image for a business or organization’s public.
  Social Media Strategy Defining a business's social media goals and creating a plan to get there through social media marketing.
Subcategory Specialty Description
Language Tutoring & Interpretation    
  Language Tutoring Help with learning to read, write, and speak a new language.
  Live Interpretation Live Interpretation is when an interpreter translates the message from the source language to the target language in real-time.
  Sign Language Interpretation A sign language interpreter is for deaf and hearing individuals. A hearing person speaks and an interpreter renders the speaker's meaning into sign language, or other forms used by the deaf party.
Translation & Localization Services    
  General Translation Services General translation is interpreting ideas and meaning expressed in one language to a natural flow of words, true to the spirit and emotion of the original, in another language.
  Language Localization Adaptation of a product or content to match the language, spelling, culture, currency, and other nuances of a specific local market.
  Legal Document Translation Legal translation is taking legal text in one language and expressing its exact content in another language for depositions, contracts, immigration docs, patents and more.
  Medical Document Translation Medical translation is the practice of translating marketing, training, clinical, and regulatory documents for healthcare and life sciences fields, into another language.
  Technical Document Translation Translation of highly technical content like user manuals and specs or content within a technical field like engineering, IT, or chemistry into another language.
Web, Mobile, and Software Development
Subcategory Specialty Description
AI Apps & Integration    
  AI Chatbot Development AI chatbot development creates applications that automate customer services or other communication processes. AI is used to communicate with humans via text or audio
  AI Integration AI integration empowers businesses to extract actionable insights, automate repetitive tasks, and help in the decision-making process.
Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency    
  Blockchain & NFT Development Blockchain developers handle the life cycle of a blockchain application. An NFT developer understands what a non-fungible token is and how different types of projects are developed using NFTs.
  Crypto Coins & Tokens A crypto coin is native to a blockchain and is used to trade currency and store value, whereas a token tends to use another coin's blockchain.
  Crypto Wallet Development A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or a service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions.
Desktop Application Development    
  Desktop Software Development Desktop software development involves creating desktop computer software for operating systems such as Mac, Windows, or Linux.
Ecommerce Development    
  Ecommerce Website Development Building, maintaining, and delivering eCommerce platforms and solutions.
Game Design & Development    
  Video Game Development Development of video games for consoles, mobile devices, and desktop computers.
Mobile Development    
  Mobile App Development Creating apps for mobile devices.
  Mobile Game Development Development of video games for mobile devices.
Product Management & Scrum    
  Product Management Product management is an organizational function that guides every step of a product's lifecycle — from development to positioning and pricing — by focusing on the product and its customers first and foremost.
  Scrum Leadership A scrum leader is the facilitator for an agile development team who makes sure the team follows agile processes and practices.
QA Testing    
  Automation Testing Test plans, test cases and test reports using front end automated tools to test apps for performance.
  Manual Testing Manual Testing is a type of software testing in which test cases are executed manually by a tester without using any automated tools.
Scripts & Utilities    
  Scripting & Automation Write scripts to automate processes and tasks
Web & Mobile Design    
  Mobile Design Design of the user interface (UI) and positive user experience (UX) for mobile applications.
  Prototyping Creating a sample or model product for testing purposes.
  UX/UI Design User Experience design (UX) to develop quality interactions between user and products. User Interface (UI) design to visually guide users through a products’ interface.
  Web Design Design of the UI and UX aspects of a website, including appearance, layout and, sometimes, the content.
Web Development    
  Back-End Development Code that connects a website to a database, manages user connections, and drives the web application itself.
  CMS Development Development and coding of a custom content management system for a website.
  Front-End Development HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a website or web application to develop the user interface.
  Full Stack Development Front and back-end development for a website or web application.
Other - Software Development    
  AR/VR Development Augmented reality apps that add digital elements to a live view. Virtual reality apps that create a complete immersion experience.
  Coding Tutoring Coding tutoring involves helping students learn software development languages and methods so that they can pass their homework, classes, and exams.
  Database Development Development and management of computer databases, including design, testing, troubleshooting, modifying, migrating, and more.
  Emerging Tech Expertise in technologies that are currently under development but are expected to alter the business or cultural status quo.
  Firmware Development Development of the permanent software programmed into a read-only memory that control's a device's hardware.
Subcategory Specialty Description
Content Writing    
  AI Content Writing AI writing involves using artificial intelligence tools to create written content.
  Article & Blog Writing An article is used for spreading knowledge about different discoveries or news to people. Blogs are written mostly for marketing purposes.
  Creative Writing Stories, novels, biographies, memoirs, poetry and other creative works.
  Ghostwriting Writing books, articles, speeches, or other texts that are credited to another person as the author.
  Scriptwriting Scripts for films, marketing videos, television shows, and video games.
  Web & UX Writing Web content is relevant content created for websites. A UX writer plans and writes the microcopy in apps, websites, and other digital products users need to navigate a product.
  Writing Tutoring Help with developing writing skills.
Editing & Proofreading Services    
  Copy Editing Copy editing is when the copy is reviewed and edited to improve readability. Copy editors ensure the style of writing is consistent, and that the text flows organically from one sentence to the next.
  Proofreading Proofreading is the final stage of the writing process when the document is checked for grammar, punctuation, spelling, repeated words, spacing and format, and typographical errors.
Professional & Business Writing    
  Academic & Research Writing Academic writing is a formal writing style used in colleges and scholarly publications. Research writing shares the answer to research questions along with the evidence on which the answer is based.
  Business & Proposal Writing Business writing produces proposals, press releases, pitch decks, business plans and other forms of communication for a company's internal or external audiences.
  Grant Writing Applications for financial grants provided by the government, corporations, foundations, or trusts.
  Legal Writing Legal writing involves the analysis of fact patterns and presentation of arguments in documents such as legal memoranda and briefs.
  Medical Writing Medical writing applies the principles of clinical research in developing clinical documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information.
  Resume & Cover Letter Writing Effective resumes and cover letters are critical for job searches. Cover letters introduce a person and the resume to the reader. Resumes give a complete overview of experience and qualifications
  Technical Writing Instruction manuals, specifications, process manuals, and other documentation for technical fields.
Sales & Marketing Copywriting    
  Ad & Email Copywriting Email copywriting refers to any sort of content involved in a marketing email. Ad copy highlights the key features and benefits the customer will receive by making a purchase.
  Marketing Copywriting Marketing Copywriters are responsible for writing compelling marketing and promotional materials for a wide variety of products and services.
  Sales Copywriting Sales copy is written to sway consumers into taking specific actions. It persuades readers to buy a product or sign up for a mailing list, for example, helping your business achieve its sales goals.



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