Agencies are teams of freelancers that provide a range of offerings that can help you deliver larger and more complex projects that often require more than a single freelancer. To help you find agencies with a proven track record of success, we’ve curated a list of professional agencies that specialize in the following in-demand services:

You can use these pages to browse specialist agencies that have a history of delivering high-quality work to clients on Upwork. To help you decide which agency is the right fit for your project, you can learn more by clicking on the agency name to view their profile. Each profile gives an overview of the services the agency offers, as well as showcasing their portfolio of work on past projects, and feedback from previous clients.

When you’re ready to hire, simply post a job to the Upwork marketplace and invite any of your favored agencies to apply for your job.

Unsure about working with agencies? Check out this article in our Hiring Headquarters with tips for maximizing success with an agency.

How did you pick the agencies featured on the results?

We curated a list of those agencies with experience working with businesses, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. For many of them, our Upwork team reviewed agencies’ portfolios and client references both on and off Upwork.

I am looking for other types of agencies. How do I do that?

We are working on building curated agency lists for other services. In the meantime, you can search the 14,000+ active agencies on Upwork on the search page.

I selected I wanted an agency. Why am I seeing freelancers apply to my job?

While freelancers will see that the job post requests "agency contractors," it does not restrict freelancers from applying.

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