Global Navigation Bar Changes (July 23, 2019)

In response to your feedback, we’re launching updates to improve how you navigate the Upwork site. We’re making these changes to simplify finding freelancers and agencies, and handling your Upwork projects.

What's Changed?

Search Bar

The search bar has moved to the left-hand side at the top of your screen. You can use this to search for the plethora of services available through Upwork and easily find high-quality freelancers and agencies.



We’ve updated the tabs on the navigation bar to a more logical alignment in order to make it easier to access your projects, freelancers, and agencies on Upwork.

The “Freelancers” tab has been replaced with a new tab, “Saved.” This new tab will house options to view all of your saved freelancers and agencies as well as your past and current contracts. Enterprise clients will also find their “Talent Clouds” in this tab.


We’ve also reorganized some of the options contained in the tabs to simplify your freelance program. For Upwork Plus, Business, and Enterprise members, the Work Diary report is now located in the “Reports” tab with the other reports available to track your projects. Upwork Basic members can still access individual work diaries from the Contract Room.


Additionally, the option to invite outside talent to work with you on Upwork can now be found in the “Jobs” tab as “Bring Your Own Talent,” along with the existing options to track your contracts and job posts. For Enterprise clients, we’ve moved “Onboarding” to the “Jobs” tab, and if you utilize the “Workflow” feature, this will also now be found in “Jobs.”


I can’t find the Work Diary page. Where did it go?

You can find Work Diary under Reports. Upwork Basic users can access individual work diaries from the Contract Room.

I can’t find my list of freelancers. Where did it go?

You can find freelancers and agencies you previously hired under Saved › My Hires.

Where is the “Home” page?

Click on the Upwork logo and it will take you to your central dashboard.

I can’t find “bring your own freelancer”. Where did it go?

You can bring your own freelancers and agencies under Jobs › Bring Your Own Talent.

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