Update to Invoices and Contract Room (Oct. 30, 2019)

Starting October 2019, Upwork will share a freelancer’s verified name with the clients they agree to work with. 

Why? The ability to know that a freelancer is who they say they are helps keep our marketplace safe and secure, and builds trust and confidence with clients. 

Your full, verified name (the one on your government-issued ID) will appear in two locations that are visible to your clients: 

  • On your invoices for the client 
  • In the “Contract Room” you share with the client

You may still choose to share a different preferred name on your public profile, as long as it follows our name change guidelines.

Why does the name on my government-issued ID have to be shown in the Contract Room and on invoices?

While we understand freelancers at times like to promote their services under a variation of their verified name, we also know that in order for Upwork to be a great site for freelancers our marketplace needs to be a place that clients trust. We build this trust in part by sharing your verified name with them (if they hire you) and indicating that we’ve confirmed your identity. Note: Your verified name will only appear in the Contract Room with your client(s) and on invoices.

What if I’m not comfortable with my client knowing my verified name?

Legally, when entering into a contract with someone you would be expected to share your legal name. So while your Upwork profile name may be different from your legal name, your legal name will appear on invoices and in the Contract Rooms you have with clients.

Does this mean I can’t use a nickname as my profile name?

Your verified name is only shared on invoices and the Contract Room you have with a client. Your profile name can be a nickname or variation, as long as it follows our name change guidelines.


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