Update to Milestone Editing for Fixed-Price Contracts (Dec. 6, 2019)

Starting this week in Upwork fixed-price contract rooms, clients will see an "Add or Edit Milestones" button. This new function makes it easy to add, edit, and reorder upcoming milestones on active contracts.

From this button, clients will see a screen with a list of contract milestones where they can make multiple changes to upcoming milestones, all at once, without having to submit each change individually. 

To learn more about the new functionality and get involved in the conversation, check out the discussion in the Upwork Community!

Can I fund multiple milestones at once?

You may only fund one milestone at a time, with a $5 minimum per milestone. Funds must be released on the current milestone before the next one can be activated and funded. You can choose to release a partial payment, (including if you set the milestone at the $5 minimum), any remaining funds can be used to fund the next milestone, or you can request an escrow refund for the remaining amount.

Can I change the order of milestones?

You cannot change the order of active milestones. However, you can edit upcoming milestones or release a partial payment (including if you set the milestone at the $5 minimum payment) for a milestone and use any remaining funds towards the next milestone.

Can I change the due date on a milestone?

The due date of an active milestone cannot be changed. However, you and your freelancer or agency can agree to change the due dates of upcoming milestones. Upwork does not impose any negative consequences for working beyond a milestone due date.

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