Update to Timelogs and Hourly Reports (March 23, 2020)

Currently, agencies and freelancers on Upwork use a total of nine different reports to track data and information, such as logged hours, on the platform. We are excited to announce that our latest update compiles these important details into a single, customizable report.

These changes will be introduced over the course of the coming week, and will be fully integrated as of April 2020. You can find them in the new Reports > My Reports tab.

The update is built to streamline timelogs and hourly report management, and to help users access current data more easily. It also includes some often-requested new features for Freelancer Plus and Agency Plus members.

  • Richer fixed-price and hourly contract data for all users, including new Payment Type and Payment Description filters
  • NEW hourly category features for all users, with the ability to differentiate Manual, Active, and Exceeded hours (when hours run over the weekly limit contact limit set by a client)
  • Data download support to create CSV files for offline use
  • New mobile-friendly display features 
  • NEW filters to allow Freelancer and Agency Plus members to group data by Months and Weeks
  • NEW Agency Plus filters to separate data by Clients and Teams
  • Advanced fixed-price contract report data 


Do I have to pay for my reports now?

The information in Upwork’s former reports will be combined in a single report, where you can use these new filters to customize the display. This report is free and includes richer data for all users.

Some new filters offer more advanced data reporting. To access more advanced reports, you can upgrade to Agency Plus or Freelancer Plus.

Can I save my new reports?

Currently, users can export data they see on the screen by choosing Download CSV from My Reports page. We plan to add more options in the future.

What is the difference between the reports we have now and these new reports?
The main difference is that we used to have separate reports, and now we have a single report with filter options that users can customize. In the future, Agency Plus and Freelancer Plus users will also be able to save preset filters and create custom reports that show exactly what they need.
What will happen to my existing Upwork reports?

Because the new My Reports filters include more information in one place, we will be retiring some existing reports by the end of April 2020. These include:

  • Agency Reports: Timelogs, Weekly Agency Timesheet by Freelancer, Weekly Agency Timesheet by Client, Agency Timesheet Details, an Time Analyze
  • Freelancer Reports: Timesheet Details, Time Analyze, Timelogs, and Weekly Timesheet The rest of your reports will remain just as they are.

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