The Upwork team wants to help you get more of the work you want!

That means we put a lot of time into fine-tuning our site's search and matching capabilities. We routinely evaluate and update the specialties and skills listed here to reflect the current trends and talent at Upwork.

Each update aims to improve the search process for all of our users. It's important to us to keep them up-to-date.

Often, these updates involve simple renaming, merging, and corrections to details that will streamline the user experience. You may not even notice them! However, they improve our metadata and result in clearer information, improved organization, and more accurate listings in our marketplace and your job searches.

For example:

  • If you are a client, specialties and skills help categorize your job post and match your project with the talent you need
  • If you are a freelancer, specialties and skills help you market your talents and create specialized profiles that accurately reflect your expertise

In this particular update, we’ve focused on changes to the Design and Creative category, and added brand-new subcategories in Gaming & AR/VR, Video & Animation, and Performing Arts. We’ve also made additional improvements in a few other areas, including lots of new specialties to highlight your unique skills! 

Don't worry, we have automatically updated related categories, job filters and feeds, existing profiles, and job posts with any applicable changes for you.

Pro tip: Top freelancers tell us they frequently check the skills listed on their profile to make sure they are accurate and current. They also review their job search filters to keep opportunities up-to-date!


Animation (subcategory)
  • Merged into Video & Animation subcategory
Audio Production (subcategory)
  • Renamed Audio & Music Production
Brand Identity & Strategy (subcategory)
  • Renamed to Branding
Gaming & AR/VR (subcategory)
  • NEW!
Graphics & Design (subcategory)
  • Renamed to Graphics, Editorial & Presentation Design
Video & Animation (subcategory)
  • NEW!
Motion Graphics (subcategory)
  • Merged into Video & Animation subcategory
Performing Arts (subcategory)
  • NEW!
Physical Design (subcategory)
  • Split into Interior Design and Product Design
Presentations (subcategory)
  • Merged into Graphics & Design
Video Production (subcategory)
  • Merged into Video & Animation
Product Design (subcategory)
  • Moved from Engineering & Architecture to Design & Creative
Cartoonist (specialty)
  • Renamed to Cartoons & Comics
  • Added Cartoons & Comics Services
Audio Editing/Post-production (specialty)
  • Renamed to Audio Editing
  • Added Audio Editing Deliverables
Image Editing/Retouching (specialty)
  • Renamed to Image Editing
  • Moved from Photography to Graphics & Design
  • Added Image Editing Software, Image File Format and Retouching Services
Actor (specialty)
  • Renamed to Acting
Vocalist (specialty)
  • Renamed to Singing
  • Moved from Voice Talent to Performing Arts
  • Added Gender
Product Design (specialty)
  • Renamed to Product & Industrial Design
Video Editing/Post-production (specialty)
  • Renamed to Video Editing
  • Added Video Editing Deliverables and Video Editing Services 
Videographer (specialty)
  • Renamed to Videography
  • Added Video Genre and Videography Software
Exhibit Design (specialty)
  • Renamed to Tradeshow Design
  • Added Trade Show Booth Layout, Trade Show Design Service, Trade Show Display Type and Trade Show Product Types
Caricatures & Portraits (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Caricatures & Portraits Services and Caricatures & Portraits Types
Fine Arts (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Analog Art Types, Digital Art Types and Live Art Types
Pattern Design (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Pattern Design Products, Pattern Design Style, Pattern Design Technique and Pattern Theme
Logo Design (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Logo Deliverables and Logo Style
Game Art (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Devices, Game Art Skills, Game Deliverables, Game Design Software, Game Dimension, Game Genres and Game Style
Packaging Design (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added Packaging Design Service and Packaging Types
Local Photography (specialty)
  • NEW! Split from Photography
  • Added Photography Genres
Product Photography (specialty)
  • NEW! Split from Photography
  • Added Image File Format, Photography Services, Photo Setting and Product Type
Visual Effects (specialty)
  • NEW!
  • Added VFX Services and VFX Software
Brand Strategy (specialty)
  • Moved from Brand Identity & Strategy to Marketing Strategy subcategory
Illustration (specialty)
  • Added Digital Illustration Types, Illustration Design Styles and Traditional Illustration Types
Audio Editing (specialty)
  • Added Audio Production Services and Digital Audio Workstation
Music Composition (specialty)
  • Added Music Deliverables
Music Production (specialty)
  • Added Music Production Software, Music Deliverables and Music Genres
Musician (specialty)
  • Added Music Deliverables and Music Genres
Brand Identity Design (specialty)
  • Added Brand Identity Services
AR/VR Design (specialty)
  • Added Areas of Application, AR Filter Platform, AR Filter Type, AR/VR Design Deliverables and AR/VR Design Software
Art Direction (specialty)
  • Added Art Direction Projects
Editorial Design (specialty)
  • Added Book Genre, Editorial Design Software, Editorial Design Style and Editorial Design Type
Graphic Design (specialty)
  • Added Graphic Design Services
Presentation Design (specialty)
  • Added Presentation Design Deliverables and Presentation Design Scope
Fashion Design (specialty)
  • Added Fashion Department, Fashion Design Services, Fashion Expertise, Fashion Project Types, Technical Design Services, Technical Design Software, Types of Clothing, Types of Fashion Accessories and Types of Footwear
Jewelry Design (specialty)
  • Added Jewelry Design Software
2D Animation (specialty)
  • Added Animation Style and 2D Animation Applications
Video Production (specialty)
  • Added Video File Format, Video Production Deliverables, Video Production Software
Voice Talent(specialty)
  • Added Voice Talent Tone
Social Media Strategy (specialty)
  • Moved to Marketing Strategy
  • Added Social Media Design Type and Social Media Platform Type
Scriptwriting (specialty)
  • Moved from Video Production to Creative Writing
  • Added Languages and Script Type/Purpose

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