At Upwork, we’re committed to keeping our global marketplace safe, and to providing the resources to help our community succeed.

Are you up-to-date on Upwork’s best practices? Take the Upwork Readiness Test to find out.

Take the test

The Upwork Readiness Test has 10 questions. It covers the best practices and safety tips that top freelancers use to build successful businesses on Upwork. 

Each question has a two-minute time limit and the entire test should take about 10 minutes to complete. Find it under Find Work > Upwork Readiness Test or click here.

Passing the Upwork Readiness Test is required to be eligible for the Rising Talent program



Your test results will not be displayed on your Upwork profile. However, new users will receive 40 FREE Connects after successfully passing the test!


Prepare for the test

To prepare for the Upwork Readiness Test, you may wish to review some of our key safety tips, policies, and our Terms of Service. 

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