Update to IT and Networking Specialties and Skills (June 9, 2020)

From time to time, we evaluate and update the specialties and skills listed on Upwork to reflect the current trends and talents that freelancers offer. These updates improve our site’s search and matching capabilities, so it’s important that they’re kept up-to-date.

Often, these updates involve simple renaming, merging, and corrections to streamline the user experience. You may not even notice them! However, they improve our metadata and result in clearer information, improved organization, and more accurate listings in our marketplace and your job searches.

For example:

  • If you are a client, specialties and skills help categorize your job post and match your project with the talent you need
  • If you are a freelancer, specialties and skills help you market your talents and create specialized profiles that accurately reflect your expertise

In this particular update, we’ve added brand new specialties in IT and Networking, including Cloud Engineering and Business Applications Development. We’ve also made additional improvements; find them in the list below.

We have automatically updated related categories, job filters and feeds, existing profiles, and job posts with any applicable changes.


Pro tip: Top freelancers tell us they frequently check the skills listed on their profile to make sure they are accurate and current. They also review their job search filters to keep opportunities up-to-date.


Business Applications Development
  • Added this new specialty
  • Added Business Applications Development Services (e.g. Integration, Migration etc.)
  • Added Business Applications Development Skills (e.g. Java, C#, jQuery, CSS etc.)
  • Added Business Applications Expertise (e.g. CRM Software, ERP Software, Pardot, Salesforce etc.)
  • Added Business Applications Deliverables (e.g. Dashboard, Custom App etc.)
  • Added Salesforce Development Skills (e.g. Salesforce1, SOQL, SOSL etc.)
Cloud Engineering
  • Added this new specialty
  • Added Cloud Engineering Services (e.g. Cloud Architecture, Cloud Migration, Cloud Testing etc.)
  • Added Cloud Engineering Skills (e.g. Apache Airflow, AWS Amplify, Apache Hadoop etc.)
  • Added Cloud Expertise (e.g. Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service etc.)
  • Added Cloud Platforms & Software (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Alibaba Cloud, Force.com etc.)
Systems Architecture
  • Combined with Solutions Architecture
Database Administration
  • Added Databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite etc.)
  • Added Database Administration Deliverables (e.g. Database Design, Database Optimization, Data Migration etc.)
DevOps Engineering
  • Added DevOps Automation & Version Control Tools (e.g. Apache Airflow, Ansible, Docker etc)
  • Added Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.)
Information Security
  • Added Compliance Frameworks (e.g. FISMA, GDPR, G-Cloud, etc.)
  • Added Information Security Deliverables (e.g. Cybersecurity Management, Configuration Management, Incident Response Plan, etc)
  • Added Security Software & Tools (e.g. Kali Linux, Metasploit, SonarQube, etc.)
IT Compliance
  • Renamed from ‘Systems Compliance’
  • Added Compliance Frameworks (e.g. FISMA, GDPR, G-Cloud, etc.)
  • Added Compliance Deliverables (e.g. Compliance Consultation, IT Compliance Audit, Risk Assessment, etc.)
Network Administration
  • Added Network Administration Software & Tools (e.g. Cisco Meraki, Fortinet, Juniper, etc.)
  • Added Network Administration Deliverables (e.g. Network Design, Network Monitoring, Network Security Management, etc.)
  • Added Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.)
Solutions Architecture
  • Added Solutions Architecture Expertise (e.g. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Dynamics, etc)
  • Added Solutions Architecture Deliverables (e.g. Class Diagram, Object Diagram, Implementation, etc)
  • Removed Back-End Programming Languages and Front-End Development Languages
Systems Administration
  • Renamed from ‘System Administration’
  • Added Systems Expertise (e.g. Salesforce, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Exchange Server, etc)
  • Added Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.)
  • Added Systems Administration Deliverables (e.g. Security Management, System Monitoring, System Installation & Upgrades)
Systems Engineering
  • Added Operating Systems (e.g. Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.)
Network Security
  • Added new skills

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