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Expert-Vetted highlights talent that has gone through a thorough pre-screening process by experts in their field. These elite freelancers and agencies have been evaluated by our technical Talent Managers for their expertise and excellent soft skills. They represent the top 1% of talent on Upwork.

All Expert-Vetted freelancers and agencies are fully pre-screened to ensure high-quality and professionalism.

Expert-Vetted is currently by invitation only, and is limited to certain skills.




As an Expert-Vetted freelancer, you’ll have a dedicated badge on your profile and proposals that displays to Upwork Enterprise and Business clients. You’ll also get the following benefits.

  • A dedicated Talent Manager who understands your strengths and helps match them to the right clients
  • A premium profile design visible to Upwork Enterprise and Business clients

Expert-Vetted has a unique perk that no other talent in the Upwork community enjoys: a dedicated Talent Manager. Talent Managers build personal relationships with every Expert-Vetted freelancer to understand their strengths and help match them to the right clients, including some of the world’s top companies.

Expert-Vetted status helps top-skilled talent stand out, make critical connections, and find the right projects.

Become Expert-Vetted

Expert-Vetted is available by invitation only. Once invited, you must qualify based on a series of individual tests and interviews. Our Talent Managers conduct a rigorous pre-screening process that includes an evaluation of both hard and soft skills.

  • Hard skill vetting with professional Talent Managers to ensure the highest technical competence
  • Expertise in your domain
  • Soft skill assessment, including reliable execution and excellent communication
  • Personal interview

Expert-Vetted is available for Web, Mobile, Software Development; Design & Creative; and Sales & Marketing freelancers and agencies.

Vetting processes vary by skill category.

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