Welcome to the BYO Program at Upwork! 

Upwork is a new way to work, and we're here to help you get started. With Upwork's tools, freelancers and clients can connect seamlessly and work without limits.

Check out the following resources to learn more about managing your work, time, payments, and contracts with Upwork. 

Get to work

To join your client on Upwork, you'll need an invitation from them to get started.

If you don't have a BYO invitation but you'd like to start a new contract with a client directly, you might be interested in creating a Direct Contract!


Have an offer?

Congratulations on your BYO Invitation! Follow the steps to accept it here


Make a call

Chat with your client using both video and voice tools.
Powered by Zoom.

in the Message Center

Send messages, files, Loom videos, and documents to your client in the Upwork Message Center. Keep track of your project's progress here.

Track and submit your hours

Track and submit your time on an hourly contract with the Work Diary tool. It's how you'll get paid!
Add your own hours If your client has agreed to Manual Time, you can track and submit your hours to them without a Work Diary.


Get paid

Payment on Upwork is simple, seamless, and secure. Learn more about it below.


Hourly Protection Upwork offers hourly payment protection to the awesome talent who choose to work here. 
Fixed-Price Protection

Do the work your client requests, and get paid for it. Upwork offers fixed-price protection to help keep
everyone happy.

Upwork Payroll Service

Will you be considered an employee on this contract?
If so, you'll get paid with Upwork Payroll Service.

Freelancer Service Fees Some projects are subject to service fees. See if they'll impact you.



Get more out of Upwork

We're so glad you're here. Explore our community and achieve even more!


Explore Upwork Webinars Get involved and learn something new.
Create a Direct Contract Ready to build a contract of your own?
Connect with clients anywhere using Direct Contracts.
Build an Upwork profile Join the Upwork marketplace to explore new opportunities and meet new clients.


What is the Upwork BYO Program?

The Bring Your Own Talent (BYOT or BYO) program allows clients to invite talent to work with them directly.

Clients use Upwork's suite of work management and payment tools to connect directly with their talent and build great relationships. You can manage everything from short-term contracts to recurring jobs, all in one place!

Conversations, contract information, payments, and reporting come together with the BYO program on Upwork. If you receive an invitation to work on a contract, you’ll be able to jump right in to the Upwork community -- no registration needed.


What is Upwork?

Upwork is the world’s largest work marketplace, connecting businesses with independent talent around the globe. We serve everyone from one-person start-ups to 30% of the Fortune 100 with a powerful trust-driven platform that enables companies and freelancers to work together in new ways that unlock their potential.

Learn more at www.upwork.com.



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