From time to time, we evaluate and update the specialties and skills listed on Upwork to reflect the current trends and talents that freelancers offer. These updates improve our site’s search and matching capabilities, so it’s important that they’re kept up-to-date.

Often, these updates involve simple renaming, merging, and corrections to streamline the user experience. You may not even notice them! However, they improve our metadata and result in clearer information, improved organization, and more accurate listings in our marketplace and your job searches.

For example:

  • If you are a client, specialties and skills help categorize your job post and match your project with the talent you need
  • If you are a freelancer, specialties and skills help you market your talents and create specialized profiles that accurately reflect your expertise

Our latest updates focus on streamlining and focusing specializations for more clarity and precision. For example, this update will retire the Store Design specialization, which has been split into eCommerce Development and Interior Design to highlight both brick and mortar stores and digital marketplaces.

We have automatically updated related categories, job filters and feeds, existing profiles, and job posts with any applicable changes.

Pro tip: Top freelancers tell us they frequently check the skills listed on their profile to make sure they are accurate and current, and review their job search filters to keep opportunities up-to-date.

  • Bandits is replaced with the Experimentation & Testing specialization.
  • Skills may be grouped differently, and there may be new skills available.
Solar Energy & Wind Energy
  • Wind Energy and Solar Energy are merged into a new Renewable Energy specialization.
  • Skills may be grouped differently and there may be new skills available.
VR & AR Design
  • VR & AR Design was renamed to AR/VR Design.
Store Design
  • Store Design is replaced with either eCommerce Development or Interior Design. The replacement will be determined by the skills selected in your profile or job post.
  • If you already have a specialized profile in eCommerce Development or Interior Design, your Store Design profile will be merged with your existing profile.
  • Skills may be grouped differently and there may be new skills available.
  • Chemistry is moved from Chemical Engineering to the Other - Engineering & Architecture subcategory.
  • If you’re interested in Chemistry jobs and have a Saved Search, this change will impact your results. Check your saved categories and remember to update from Chemical Engineering to Other - Engineering & Architecture.

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