New Freelancer Features Added to Project Catalog! (June 29, 2021)

Thanks to your feedback, Project Catalog now includes more ways for clients to view your projects!
We’ve released a new set of features that will help talent better promote their projects and clients quickly find the right project for them.

If you haven’t checked out Project Catalog yet, it’s a place where talent adds ready-to-buy projects that clients can instantly purchase. The projects are predefined –– meaning   freelancers and agencies set the scope, timing, and price in advance –– so clients know exactly what to expect.

New Project Catalog features for freelancers

We’ve launched new ways for clients to discover your projects! Get more eyes on your offerings by sharing them on your Upwork profile, social media, and by adding search tags. Captivate clients by adding a video to show off past projects and your professional skills. 

  • Add-ons for projects. Give your clients options to buy customized services as part of your project offering. For example, let clients choose an extra round of edits or expedited work for an additional fee.  By giving clients more choice, you can better define scope, offer more, and boost your earnings. 
  • Add videos to your gallery. You can now add a 60-second video (max 100 MB) to all your Project Catalog projects along with up to 20 photos. This added personal touch allows you to showcase your work or tell clients more about your skills.
  • Social sharing. You can now share your projects via your social media accounts. Let your contacts know the great work you can do for them via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Catalog projects included on profile pages. We created a space on your profile where your active projects will be listed. This way, clients visiting your profile can see all you offer. 
  • Search tags. You can now add up to five relevant tags to your projects to make it even easier for clients to discover your project. When clients search those tagged terms they’ll be more apt to see your project in search results.
  • Agencies can add projects to Project Catalog. Agency managers can now create a project and bill clients from their agency account.

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