New Features for Clients Added to Project Catalog! (July 13, 2021)

We’ve added new ways for you to find the right project in Project Catalog! Plus, you can now save projects to compare and view later, use add-ons to customize projects, and view videos added by talent.

  • Ability to save projects. Shopping for a project but undecided? You can now click the heart icon by a project to save it to a list you can access anytime, making it easy to compare options and plan for future projects.
  • Videos. Talent can now add videos to their project to share more details about the project and their work and skills. This is just one more tool you can use when deciding whether to buy a project from talent. 
  • Project add-ons. Freelancers and agencies can offer customizable, a la carte options to projects in case you need something beyond the project’s main scope. For example, say you are buying a project where a freelancer will create a resume for you. They may offer an add-on option where they can also review and suggest updates to your LinkedIn profile for an additional fee. 


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