Upwork Business is no longer available for new users. Check out our other options for scaling your business with Upwork Plus and Upwork Enterprise.

Plan Benefits

A Dedicated team of advisors to help you hire successfully

  • Account Managers and Talent Specialists are available to help you outline your hiring goals and source premium freelancer talent
  • 24/7 phone or chat customer support at your fingertips so you never have to wait for an answer

Tools to help your teams collaborate on hiring and project tracking

  • Detailed reporting with company insights and trends
  • Consolidated billing and invoicing with net 30 pay

Additional Perks to help stand out to in-demand freelancers and agencies

  • Your job posts will feature an Upwork Business badge and will be showcased in emails sent to Rising Talent and Top Rated freelancers and agencies
  • Unlimited invitations for every job post so you can reach top talent in less time

Access to Upwork API

  • Utilize Upwork’s web services to build your own applications
  • Integrate Upwork’s features to your own website and internal systems
How can I cancel my Upwork Business membership?

If you want to cancel your Upwork Business membership, please contact your Account Manager.

What services do Account Managers and Talent Specialists provide?

An Account Manager will work with you to understand your business goals and help you achieve them with freelancers and agencies on Upwork. They will also be on-hand to answer any questions or concerns you or your colleagues have about using Upwork.

Talent Specialists are there to help you speed up the hiring process and find the best match. They can assist you with your job posts and highlight available freelancers and agencies so your projects can start faster.

What is net 30 pay?

Net 30 is a payment system in which you will have 30 days from the receipt of an invoice to pay the amount owed. This can be useful for larger business to help manage cash flows and allow internal control procedures to be completed before releasing payments.

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