Did you receive a referral from a freelancer you invited to your project? Are you wondering what that’s about?

If a freelancer doesn’t have the time or exact skills to help you with your project, they can refer another freelancer. 

That freelancer may be someone they know or someone they found by searching on Upwork. You will still need to vet the referred freelancer before deciding whether to interview or hire them. We suggest carefully reviewing their profile and experience then, if they look like a possible match, conduct an interview to be sure that they fit your needs. 

You can see whether you invited a freelancer directly or got a referral for the freelancer in the Proposal Manager.

Note: Usually, when a freelancer takes the time to send you a referral that means they see value in your project. They want to be helpful and build good relationships on Upwork. We do not give any reward to freelancers for making referrals.



A freelancer was referred to me by another freelancer. Why did this happen?
Sometimes, freelancers get more invitations than they can handle. If a freelancer was referred to you by another freelancer, this means that they couldn’t accept your invitation but wanted to suggest a freelancer who may be a good fit for the role.
How do I know the referred freelancer is a good fit for my project?
Although the freelancer making the referral may believe the person is a good fit for your project, you will need to vet them like any other candidate. Be sure to review their profile, their experience, and conduct an interview to confirm that they fit your needs.
What happens if I end up having an issue with the referred freelancer?
Sometimes, no matter how well you vet talent, a project doesn’t go as planned. If you’re unhappy with a freelancer’s work, your project may qualify for Upwork Payment Protection.

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