Two of the most important parts of developing strong working relationships with your clients and having projects run smoothly are staying organized and communication. Because we want you to succeed on Upwork, we’ve created a new organizational tool, to-do lists.

Using to-do lists is completely optional, and both you and your client must agree to use the feature. If you do, you both will have full access to add to and edit the list. If you are working on a project with multiple other freelancers, you will all have access to the same to-do list.


Create a To-Do List

Once a contract is active and all parties have agreed to use a to-do list, find the contract under My Jobs > All Contracts. Click on the contract and you’ll see a “TO-DO’S” tab — this is where you’ll build your list for this contract. Each contract will have it’s own list for you to use, if you like.

To add a to-do item to the list, click the “+ Add a to-do” button. This opens the “Edit your to-do” panel, where you can:

  • Create and name an item for the to-do list
  • Assign it
  • Add an optional, non-binding due date
  • Describe the to-do, providing details, objectives, etc.

Use the To-Do List

Each item is organized into a tile on the To-Do list page. All of an item’s information is displayed in this tile so that the information is accessible at a glance, without having to click into the to-do item itself.

To open or edit an item, or to mark it as completed, click the stacked-dots button at the left side of the tile.

To maximize its usefulness as an organizational tool, we’ve built some filters into the to-do page:

  • Activate the “Only show your to-do’s” toggle at the top of the to-do list to filter out any items that are not assigned to you.
  • Completed to-do items are automatically hidden from the list to keep things neat and clear. To review completed items, click the “Show completed” link at the bottom of the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the to-do list feature?
If you missed a deadline on a to-do list we do not take any action. To-do lists are a space for you and your client to collaborate and we don’t monitor deadlines set there. However, keep in mind missing deadlines set by a client could lead them to leave negative feedback, which could impact your Job Success Score. We know issues come up, and we find most clients are understanding, so we recommend that you always contact your client as soon as an issue arises.
Do I have to do this?
No, this is a completely optional feature. You and your client can decide whether a to-do list would be a helpful tool during a project.
Is Upwork monitoring to-do lists? Do these impact my Job Success Score or other stats?
To-do lists are a space for you and your client to collaborate and we do not use information from there to calculate any of your stats, such as your Job Success Score. We do have tools in place to monitor to-do lists for signs that our Terms of Service are not being followed.
What if a client/freelancer suggests this and I don’t want to use it?
You and your client can decide whether a to-do list would be a helpful tool during a project. To-do lists can serve as a collaborative space that allow clients and freelancers to create to-dos, assign an owner, add a short note, and set a due date. Using the feature is not required, but an option that some users might find helpful when managing projects and deadlines. If you can’t agree, you should discuss and mutually agree on whether to move forward with the contract.

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