Build Your Virtual Talent Bench (October 5, 2021)

Our goal has always been to help you get work done, and done well. Central to that goal is enabling you to develop a team of talented, trusted freelancers. To that end, we built the Virtual Talent Bench suite of features.

Virtual Talent Bench is a collection of discovery and organizational features. They’re designed to help you not only find new, talented freelancers, but to remember their strengths or special skills, organize them however you like, and to easily keep track of them.

Find new freelancers on the Discover Page

The new Discover page offers freelancer recommendations based on your past search and hiring history, selections of relevant projects from Project Catalog, quick browsing tools, and more.

Use Lists to organize profiles

Spend a lot of time browsing through freelancer profiles, even when you don’t have active project needs? Ever save a freelancer’s profile for a future need, only to not be able to find it later on?

Lists are an expansion of the Save feature. Not only can you save freelancers and agencies to find them easily in the future, but you can organize them in separate Lists. You can now create lists (as many as 100) based on any criteria you like. Make one list for copywriters, another for that project you have coming up — the sky is the limit.

Make Notes on freelancers

Is your desktop filled with sticky notes about different freelancers? Notes on ones you found while browsing that have interesting work samples, or others that you’ve worked with that surprised you in a positive or negative way?

With our expanded Notes feature, you can finally clean up your work space. Notes allow you to make private notes on freelancer profiles, with no restrictions — whether you’ve worked with them or not, whether you’ve saved them to a list or not. You can also write as little, or as much, as you need. You’ll never forget a freelancer again.

Tag freelancers for later

Where Notes is a little freeform, Tags are more focused. Rather than an open field for your thoughts, Tags offer more specific, more skill-based options for remembering and organizing freelancers.

There are soft skills tabs for attributes like “Responsive” or “Strategic Thinker” — important soft skills that don’t fall neatly under a traditional “job skill” definition — and custom tags for you to build as you need, as per your organizational preferences.

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