This feature will no longer be available after April 4, 2024. Learn more below.

When will my network become unavailable?

The Your Network beta feature will no longer be accessible on April 4, 2024. We emailed all active users of Your Network to alert them to the change.

Can I share contact information with freelancers who were part of my network to stay in touch?

To stay safe on Upwork, please keep communication on Upwork Messages. Do not share personal contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, communication tool IDs, home address, or social media account details with someone unless you already know them personally outside of Upwork or are working on a contract together and need to share such personal information.

If you’re currently working with someone on Your Network, we recommend you start a conversation with them within Upwork Messages before Your Network is no longer accessible. This will make sure you can continue communicating safely.

This feature was useful to me. How else can I connect with other freelancers?

Thank you for your participation in this feature. Feel free to share feedback with Upwork Support or within the Community to help us innovate and offer more features that help you grow your business. We’ll pass your feedback on to the right teams.

To connect with other freelancers, we recommend you join our Community. With active participation, the Community can be a great way to make friends, share information, and gain a more engaging experience on Upwork.

Will conversations among freelancers from my network be deleted from Upwork Messages?

No, you’ll still be able to communicate if the conversation already exists within Upwork Messages. You won’t be able to start new conversations with freelancers after it is no longer available on April 4, 2024.

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