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Working with others can make complex projects simple.

We’re making it easier to communicate and collaborate with other freelancers on Upwork. You can build a network, exchange information and best practices, and connect with each other directly on our platform.

How it works

Add other professionals to your network from Your Network page and message them to share ideas, compare notes, and collaborate to win bigger projects together.

Add freelancers already on Upwork to your network

  1. Go to Find Work > Your Network
  2. Select the + Add to Network button
  3. Search for a freelancer by choosing People in the same category, People in the same location, or choose Search to enter the freelancer’s name or email address
  4. You’ll see a list of profiles that each have the freelancer’s name, picture, and the option to Add to Network. You can browse this list for the correct match
  5. Select Add to Network on the button next to the profile picture you want to add
  6. You can add a personalized note or select how you know them, if you’d like
  7. Select Send

You can also add freelancers who are already on Upwork directly from their profiles. For example, you may see someone you want to add while interacting in the Community, or you may open a profile from the browsing list provided while searching in Your network. Select the person icon that shows two people and a plus sign to invite them to your network.

Add to your Network from the profile

Add freelancers who aren’t on Upwork to your network

You can also invite freelancers not yet on Upwork by emailing them, if you know them and have their email address:

  1. Go to Find Work > Your Network
  2. Select the + Add to Network button
  3. On the Add to Network page, select Invite a person not on Upwork
  4. Enter their name, email address, how you know them, and a personalized not
  5. Choose Send

After you send your invitation, the recipient will get an email and in-product notification that you sent them an invitation, and they can accept or decline your invitation. If they accept, we will ask them to create an Upwork profile.

Add freelancers that are not on Upwork

To stay safe on Upwork, please keep communication with your network on Upwork Messages. Do not share personal contact information such as email addresses, phone numbers, communication tool IDs, home address, or social media account details with someone unless you already know them personally outside of Upwork or are working on a contract together and have a need to share such personal information.

Sharing contact information with someone you don’t know personally or have a contract with could increase the risk of scams, phishing, or other fraudulent activity and is against Upwork’s Terms of Service. Learn more about staying safe on Upwork here.

Message your network

You'll be able to chat easily with freelancers who join your network. To do so:

  1. Go to Find Work > Your Network
  2. Freelancers who have accepted your request to connect will be listed
  3. Choose the Message button next to their profile and a private chat will appear and be stored in Messages

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