You can follow along with the projects you buy on Project Catalog as your freelancer completes the work.

How it works:

  • The workroom provides clarity on the Project Catalog process for you and your freelancer. You can see where you are in the process and next steps you can take.
  • The steps and requirements that freelancers build into their projects will appear in the timeline for each order.
  • Each order has its own workroom.
  • When your professional submits work, you will be notified and have the opportunity to review it, then either Approve and Pay or Request Revisions.

To access the workroom:

  • Select Jobs > All Contracts
  • Select the relevant order


The Overview tab helps you track the status of the order and any revisions. The project timeline section helps you follow along with the steps that freelancers built into the project. This includes the requirements you must submit before the freelancer can begin working on your project.

Note: You must submit these within 48 hours. Otherwise, your order will be canceled.

The recent files section shows all the attachments uploaded by both you and your freelancer. Select the three dots (...) next to the file to download it. If the work you need completed is a file, you can find it here or in the timeline when your freelancer uploads the finished work.


The Messages tab allows you to communicate with the freelancer throughout the process. You can ask questions, send files, and schedule a meeting from here.


The Details tab will show you all of the administrative details of this contract:

  • The order description
  • Details about the project and options you selected such as price, tier, Contract ID, and payment type
  • Feedback left after the work is approved
  • An “About the professional” section

Completing the work

When your job is finished, the professional will submit the work. You will be notified to review the work to make sure it’s what you expected. You have the option to Approve and Pay or Request Revisions.

Note: projects include a specified number of revisions, so be sure to include as much detail in your requests as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the workroom for my project?

To access the workroom:

  • Select Jobs > All Contracts
  • Select the relevant order
The steps, due date, or other details listed in the timeline are incorrect. How do I change them?

The details in the workroom are pulled from the information the professional has created. You can’t change the details listed in the workroom. Communicate with your freelancer about what information or details might need to be changed.

How can I contact the freelancer?

To contact the freelancer, click the message icon at the top of the workroom in mobile, or select the Messages tab near the top in desktop.

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