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Today, the nature of work looks different than it used to. In our globally connected world, you might find the ideal professional in a different country or region than your own. However, you may have legal, tax, worker classification, and other concerns about hiring from outside your own country or even outside your own region or state. Any Hire is the solution.

What is Any Hire?

Any Hire is a specialized self-service platform within Upwork that helps remove the uncertainty from hiring international talent or talent from other areas of your country. It streamlines the onboarding and payment processes and makes legal classification decisions for you.

Any Hire is for talent you’ve found on your own, outside of Upwork. The talent may also have a profile on Upwork, but as long as you found them independently, you can still hire them through Any Hire.

With Any Hire, you can onboard talent, manage their contracts, review their work, and pay them — all from one simple, familiar dashboard.

Any Hire provides several benefits:

  • Work with talent from anywhere, easily: We determine your professional’s worker classification for you. Every country has different laws that say whether you can work with a professional as an employee or as independent talent, and these laws can change regularly. We keep track of these requirements and use them when we classify your contracts.
  • Hire payrolled employees through an Employer of Record: If needed, we’ll arrange an Employer of Record (EOR) for the contract. The EOR will take care of things like paychecks, taxes, benefits, and other legal concerns. These costs are billed to you in simple bi-weekly payments.
  • Enjoy convenient self-service features: Create contracts. Set up reports. And welcome new people to your team with just a few clicks, 24/7.
  • Manage pay and benefits from one place: Pay any number of people, in any number of countries, with a single click. Any Hire is also your hub for organizing key information, like tax documents — all on a single dashboard.
  • Enjoy peace of mind: Any Hire includes $50,000 in legal protection per client against the risks of misclassification.

Using Any Hire

Signing up for Any Hire is simple and free. Enter your email and preferred password, or sign up via Google or Apple, or use your existing login if you already have an account. You can find the link to sign up here.


If you are a first time user, you will need to review and accept the Any Hire Terms of Service before you continue.

Onboarding and contracts

The dashboard is simple and easy to use. To onboard talent and start a contract with them:

  1. Go to the contracts page and select Start contract
  2. Select contract type
  3. Enter the contract details and your professional’s information
  4. Choose the team that you want to hire within for this contract, if you have multiple teams
  5. Enter your compliance information
  6. Review the contract terms and send the invite

Important Note:

For us to make an accurate classification determination, the compliance information needs to be correct. If you have any doubts, confirm with your talent or contact Upwork support.



To add a billing method, go to the settings page and enter your information. That’s all you have to do — you’ll automatically be billed and charged on a bi-weekly basis for any active contracts. We bill for any contract that is active for any part of a billing period.

To keep things simple for you, we combine all costs into one single payment. This includes the talent’s payment, the Any Hire per-contract and payment processing fees, any EOR charges, and applicable taxes. Invoices have a clear, easy-to-read, per-contract breakdown of all fees and costs that were charged in the payment.

Organizing talent

Through Any Hire, professionals are organized much like they are in the rest of Upwork. On the Hired Talent page, there are “Active” and “Inactive” tabs. Talent are listed by end of contract date, and overview information — such as work type and contract name. Select the talent you are interested in for more details.

Organizing your team

Any Hire lets you bring your coworkers onboard so that they can also work with the talent on your teams. You can designate specific permissions for each coworker.

  • Invite a coworker — If you’re an existing Any Hire user, you can invite coworkers to join the Any Hire experience using your coworkers’ email addresses, the administration level you want to assign to them (None, Finance, or Full), and an optional message. Then coworkers can help create contracts and pay for your remote team.
  • Give permissions — You’ll have the ability to set advanced permissions for coworkers use on the marketplace. To do so, select Advanced settings when you invite your coworker. If you don’t choose Advanced settings, we’ll set the permission to one of these default settings:
    • Hiring: Manager
    • View Work Diaries: Team
    • Can Chat With: Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Any Hire?

In today’s world, being able to hire talent from any country or region can help your business be competitive and successful, but hiring around the world can be hard. We designed Upwork Any Hire to help make it easier.

Any Hire is for talent you’ve found on your own, outside of Upwork. The talent may also have a profile on Upwork, but as long as you found them independently, you can still hire them through Any Hire.

Any Hire helps you hire, onboard, and pay professionals from other countries, regions, or states. Any Hire also helps you classify talent as independent contractors or as a payrolled employee and address other compliance issues.

What is an Employer of Record or EOR?

An Employer of Record (EOR) is an organization that employs talent and takes responsibility for paying employees internationally, organizing taxes, and handling benefits and insurance — on your behalf.

Does Upwork act as the EOR for my international employees?

No. When you sign up with Any Hire, you’ll give us information about your business and how you work. If you need an EOR, we’ll work with one of our third-party vendors.

How do you determine if I hire someone as an independent contractor or as an employee via an EOR?

We determine how you can hire talent on a case by case basis. We analyze the relevant labor laws, business details, the nature of work among other things, and to make a determination that meets all legal requirements.

What happens if employment laws change?

We stay up-to-date with legal requirements in every country in which we operate. If there are legal changes in your country or the country of your talent, we will address them as appropriate.

Am I legally protected when using Any Hire?

Yes! As part of Any Hire, we offer up to $50,000 worth of misclassification legal protection per client.

What billing methods are supported?

Any Hire currently supports payment by major credit or debit card, and by PayPal. ACH payment (payment through a U.S. bank account) is also available for eligible clients.

You can set up your primary billing method on your client dashboard.

What is the process for billing?

Unlike other Upwork contracts, we bill Any Hire contracts every two weeks regardless of whether they are hourly or project-based contracts. Your payment includes costs for all active Any Hire contracts.

The billing cycle ends every other Sunday, and we invoice and charge your payment method on the following Monday.

Do I need to pre-fund my fixed-price contracts?

No. With Any Hire, you do not have to pre-fund fixed-price contracts — we invoice and bill following the same two-week cycle as all other Any Hire contracts. You can approve completed work at any time. Like other Upwork fixed-price contracts, if your talent requests approval and you do not respond within 14 days, we assume that you approve and process the payment.

When does hourly talent need to log hours?

Professionals with hourly contracts have the same weekly deadlines as any other hourly contract on Marketplace, even though the invoice will be biweekly. They must log their hours weekly before the end of the billing period. The billing period ends at the end of Sunday, at 12 am Monday morning UTC. Talent has 12 hours to finish logging and reviewing their hours, which ends at 12 pm UTC on Monday.

When am I invoiced for Employment (Upwork Payroll) contracts?

We invoice and bill your payroll contracts on a bi-weekly basis, as long as the EOR submits their own invoice within that period. For contracts with EORs that pay weekly or bi-weekly, you will be billed and invoiced bi-weekly. Sometimes EORs are legally required to pay monthly. In these cases, we will bill and invoice you once a month, in the two-week billing period that we received the EOR invoice. We charge the Any Hire fee bi-weekly in either case.

When will I see my invoices on the site?

We’ll post invoices on the day after the billing cycle, the same day that you are charged. The exception is refunds, which can be invoiced at any time during a billing cycle. Any Hire refund processes are exactly the same as for any other Upwork contracts, with the exception that the Any Hire fee cannot be refunded.

How will my charge show up?

You will receive a single combined charge per billing cycle for all Any Hire contracts the day after the billing period ends. This charge does not include regular Marketplace contracts or adjustments, both of which will appear in your standard Upwork Marketplace dashboard.

When will talent be paid?

We pay talent after you are successfully charged and a four day security period has passed. Once you are charged, talent will see the payment as pending, and after the hold period is over they will see the funds as available.

For example, if your payment method is successfully charged on Monday, your talent will see the funds the same day and will be able to withdraw them by that Friday. Any delay in charging your payment method delays your talent’s payment by the same amount.

How much does Any Hire cost?

Aside from the talent’s fees, every active Any Hire contract costs $22.62 per billing period. We invoice those fees on the Monday after the biweekly period. We also charge applicable taxes.

If any of your Any Hire contracts are employment contracts, you will also be charged the EOR’s vendor fees. These fees may include additional taxes, fees for benefits, and other costs, as required by labor law in your talent’s country.

We invoice these fees for every contract that was active during the biweekly period, including contracts that were only active for a portion of the period. Payment processing fees and taxes on payment processing fees are applied when payment is initiated.

Is there payment protection?

We do not provide payment protection for Any Hire contracts. If your payment method fails, we cannot pay your talent.

Is there a dispute process?

There is no formal dispute process currently in place for Any Hire contracts. Since you have a preexisting relationship with the talent, we encourage you to address any disputes between yourselves.

Can I add a bonus for my talent?

Bonuses are not available in the Any Hire user experience, and giving a bonus in other ways could put your legal protection at risk.

We discourage you from providing a bonus to your Any Hire professionals via the Marketplace or any other method. We will not guarantee this legal protection if you make bonus payments to your talent.

Are refunds available?

Refunds are not available directly in the Any Hire experience, but can be processed through the standard Upwork Marketplace or with the assistance of a customer support agent.

Can I pay talent using a stipend?

Any Hire does not currently support stipends.

Can I set minimum weekly hours?

No. Any Hire does not support weekly hour minimums.

Can I find talent on the marketplace and then use Any Hire to set up the contract?

Any Hire is only for contracting professionals that you found outside of Upwork. For talent you find on Upwork, you can work with them via the Marketplace or through Project Catalog.

Can my coworkers work with me on Any Hire to help hire, coordinate projects and pay talent?

Yes, you can invite coworkers to Any Hire to help hire and pay talent and to coordinate projects. To get started, you’ll need the coworker’s email address. You’ll also need to decide what role they’ll play and what permissions they’ll need. For example, if a coworker will only be processing payments, you’ll choose Finance for their admin role. Learn more here.

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