We recognize that international events can impact the work you do. When we see a humanitarian crisis affecting our customers, we may reach out to check in.

You can keep track of the global events we are following in our global updates.

For freelancers

How do check-ins work?

We send you an email to make sure you’re okay and ask if you’d like us to:

  • Step in and let your clients know you’ll be unavailable
  • Ask clients for deadline extensions, if possible
  • Offer clients alternative options until you’re safe and ready to begin work again
How do you determine if I’ve been impacted?

We send check-ins based on your profile location.

How will you communicate my situation to my clients?

If you ask us to communicate on your behalf, we’ll send a message to any clients you have an active contract with. You can see that message in the link we include in our check-in email to you.

What if I already communicated with my clients or would prefer to do it myself?

You can reach out yourself (we are sure your clients will be glad to hear from you). However, if we can help, let us know––we want to support you as much as possible.

Do I have to reach out to my clients after you check in with me?

Checking in with your clients is completely optional, but we encourage you to do so —or ask us to do so for you— if you can’t work on your existing projects.

How do I update my status if it changes (for example, I can resume working)?

You can return to the link included in the email at any time to update your status.

For clients

My freelancer cannot work on my project right now due to a world event or humanitarian crisis. How can I support them?

While it’s completely up to you, you may want to consider:

  • Extending project deadlines, if possible
  • Approving work promptly so payments are sent as soon as possible
  • Sending a bonus payment to offer financial support
My freelancer is impacted by a humanitarian crisis and cannot complete my project right now and unfortunately, I can’t wait. What should I do?

We understand that extending deadlines might not be an option for time-sensitive projects. If you need help sooner, please use the Get Support button on this page to reach out to us.

Our team works around the clock to provide information and resources for our impacted community. Visit our Community for the latest global updates.

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