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When you need help scoping a project, consulting with an expert can help you understand the steps toward making your project a reality. When you book a one-on-one consultation on Upwork, you can get advice from highly-skilled talent from across the globe.

Consultations are also a great way to find out in-depth details about how talent might approach your specific project. They give you the benefit of asking for advice and planning deliverables from talent before committing to a larger project relationship.

Benefits of consultations on Upwork

  • Gaining project clarity
  • Talent can help you scope out the steps and specific skills that your project requires. This may help you get started faster and complete the project more successfully.
  • Getting to know talent before working on a larger project
  • Larger projects may be more expensive, and taking a chance on unvetted talent can be scary. With consultations, you’ll get a chance to work with talent on a smaller scale first. This can help you see if talent might be a good fit for a larger project and whether you work well together.
  • Building relationships with experts
  • You may not need to hire someone after the consultation — you may just need some expert advice. Or you may want tips from a specific expert who doesn’t have time to take on your entire project. Consultations can help create these opportunities.
  • Consulting and hiring on the same platform
  • If you would like for your consultant to work on your project, you can create a job post and offer the work right here on Upwork.
  • Scheduling easily
  • With the consultation feature, you can easily see when talent is available and schedule a time to meet directly on the platform.
  • Building trust
  • At Upwork, we require talent to verify their identity to make the site more secure. You can see the ID Verified badge and review talent’s job history on their profiles. We also offer payment protection and customer support in the event of a dispute.

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