To help you organize and complete your projects, we created contract workrooms.

The contract workroom is a page with everything you need to collaborate with clients on contracts, all in one place. It has details about your contract and action buttons for working on the contract. Each contract has its own workroom, even if you have multiple contracts with one person.

You can access it through the Jobs and JobsAll Contracts pages by choosing the name of a contract.

In the contract workroom, you can:

  • Search and send messages and files, or start a video/audio chat
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Review your earnings history and invoices for that contract
  • Check your Work Diary and timesheets (hourly contracts)
  • Submit work for approval and request or edit milestones (fixed-price contracts)
  • Work on your to-do’s list (hourly contracts)
  • Access the original job post and proposals
  • Propose a new contract
  • Give a refund

Using the contract workroom

You can access actions to take on the contract from the ellipsis drop-down menu (...) at the top right hand corner of the contract workroom page. The options you see in that drop-down menu will vary depending on your contract’s current status.

You can also open the header tabs to access specific information and actions for the contract. Learn more about what’s under the header tabs by opening the dropdown headers below:


From the overview tab, you can see the contract’s to-do list, this week’s earnings, and recent files. You can also add to-do’s and upload files.

For fixed-price contracts, you can see milestone timelines. You can submit work or a request to add or edit milestones.

The overview section also has action buttons for taking the next step on your contract. For example, if you’re working on a fixed-price milestone, you’ll see the submit work for payment button. If the contract is already finished, you’ll see a leave feedback button during the two-week feedback period.


If you work as an agency member on Upwork, your earnings won’t be available under the Overview tab since your agency pays you directly.

Timesheets (hourly contracts)

For hourly contracts, you can see your hours worked, Work Diary, and recent transactions in the Timesheets tab. You can also access the Work Diary to make memo edits, add manual time, or remove time. (Time that you log with the Time Tracker via the Upwork Desktop App will show in your Work Diary automatically.)

The first thing you’ll see under the Timesheet tab is a summary of hours you’ve worked on this contract. Below that, you’ll see the Work Diary, which displays the current work week by default. To see details, edit memos, or remove time for a specific date, select the arrow to the right of that date. Then, select a screenshot for the time block you want to review or edit. To manually add time, select the Add Time button in the upper right corner of the Work Diary.

To find information from a previous work week in the Work Diary, select a date from the calendar, and that day's work week will display. We added a blue dot below dates with logged hours to make them easier to find. Note that you can view details from previous work weeks, but you can only add or remove time or edit memos from the current work week.

Below the Work Diary, you can view recent transactions for the past 30 days. For information about older transactions, you can choose the View Transaction Report button at the bottom of the page to easily access that report.


View your messages with clients or send a message. You can also view attachments, schedule a meeting, or record and share a Loom video on this page.


In the details tab, you’ll see a summary and description of the contract. You can view the original job post and proposal from here by selecting those options below the description.

You can also see any feedback on the contract, recent activity, and information about your talent on this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the contract workroom?

The contract workroom is a designated page for your contract. There you can find several things you need for collaboration and organization, all in one convenient place. You can see details about your contract, action buttons for working on it, shared files, messages, recent earnings and more. You’ll have a separate workroom for each contract, even when you have multiple contracts with one client.

Where is the to-do list?

For hourly contracts, you can find the to-do list under the Overview tab, along with recent earnings and files.

Where do I view details, edit memos or remove time from the current work week?

You can find the Work Diary under the Timesheet tab. We display the current work week’s hours by default. To see details, edit memos, or remove time, select the arrow to the right of the date you’re working on. Then select a screenshot for the time block you want to review or edit.

How do I view hours logged during a previous work week in the Work Diary?

Select a date from the calendar and we’ll display the work week that day is part of (instead of the current week).

Two things to know:

  • We add a blue dot to any days where you’ve logged hours so you can easily find them
  • You can view any past week, but can only change hours worked or edit memos for the current week
Where can I find files and attachments in the contract room?

For your convenience, you can see your most recent files for a contract in the Overview section of the contract workroom. You can also find all your contract’s attachments in the Messages section.

Can I access older transactions from the contract room?

Yes. Under the Timesheet tab, you can choose the View Transaction Report button at the bottom of the page for easy access to information about older transactions.

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