Teams help you work efficiently. They make it easy to organize different departments, groups, or functions within your Upwork account. By dividing contracts for each group into different teams, you can achieve:

  • Better visibility into time logged and spend per group
  • Tighter control over admin or hiring privileges within each team
  • Streamlined billing via charging each team directly to that group’s billing method

Learn more about enabling teams here.

Using Teams

Each team has its own Reports, Members & Permissions and (optionally) Financial Account.

  • Separate Reports: Keep track of milestones submitted, hours logged, activities completed, payments made and current work being completed by each team. For example, see how your Mobile App team is tracking on a project budget versus your Web Development team.
  • Distinct Members & Permissions: Keep your contracts organized by type, department, project, or role. For example, separate your translators’ contracts by language or your mobile developers by app or OS. Then you can set permissions so that your team leads can review work diaries and work submitted only for their team.
  • Designated Financial Account: You choose which teams share finances and which are kept separate. Managing interdepartmental budgets is simple since you can assign the appropriate payment method or PO for each team. Whether it is the Marketing department’s credit card or the company bank account, internal accounting becomes more efficient.

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