Screenshots can help you communicate quickly with a client or freelancer — for example, you can show progress on a logo, draw attention to specific data, or ask questions about a section of a document with a quick picture.

You can share screenshots easily and effectively directly from Upwork Messages in the Upwork Desktop App. You can even add notes and graphic elements.


The screenshot tool is part of the Upwork Desktop App. It is not part of Upwork Messages on web or mobile.

Take a screenshot

Share screenshots with a client or freelancer to communicate project information and details.

  1. Choose the screenshot icon Screenshot icon in the Desktop App — it will appear at the bottom of your Compose Message box.
  2. Choose Selection for a custom cropped screenshot or Full Screen to snap everything on your screen.

Share with the current room in Upwork Messages. You can also choose the More button to copy the image to your clipboard, make a link, or save the file.

upload a screenshot in the Desktop App

Add notes to a screenshot

Add text or graphic elements to your screenshot before you share it for even better communication. Options will appear at the top of the screenshot and include:

  • Boxes
  • Circles
  • Arrows
  • Lines
  • Freeform Pencil Drawing
  • Text
  • Blur
  • Crop

Choose the Undo button to remove a note or graphic from your screenshot. Note that you cannot make edits to existing screenshots.

Feedback and troubleshooting

After you take a screenshot, leave feedback for us directly in the edit window. Find the Leave feedback button in the top left corner. We encourage you to share your thoughts.


If you are having trouble with screenshots while using a Mac OS, it may be a settings conflict. Be sure to activate the appropriate permissions to make the most of Upwork’s tools.

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