It’s simple to keep your profile name up-to-date, but you do need to follow a few guidelines.

To change your name

Go to Settings > Contact Info to edit your name.

Guidelines for profile names

  • Use a name that you go by in real life
  • Do not use single letters or initials — to protect your privacy, we’ll display your last name as an initial on your public profile, but you need to enter your full name
  • If you only have one legal name, enter that name as your first name and again as your last name
  • Your verified name in Upwork must still match the name on your payment account, even though your profile name might be different
  • Do not use a name that is abusive or discriminatory
  • Do not misrepresent your identity or pretend to be someone else. The name you use should be what you use to represent yourself in real life
  • Do not use a company name or a name that describes your work instead of who you are (such as calling yourself “SEO Expert” or “Data Analyst”)*
  • You cannot transfer accounts from one person to another

If your profile name does not meet these guidelines, we may restrict your account until you change it. We may also request supporting documentation to verify your identity.

* If you have a client account, you may request approval to use the company name as your client profile name but you must go through the identity verification process first. You can only request this if your account is strictly a client account and not used as a freelancer account too.

Examples of acceptable profile names that are different from your verified name:

  • An abbreviated or altered version of your name, such as using Mike for Michael or Betty for Elizabeth
  • A middle name or nickname that you go by in real life


Your verified name will still show on your contracts and invoices, not your profile nickname

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