If you are an established freelancer and don’t earn money on Upwork for 30 days, your profile visibility will automatically change from public to private.

When your profile is set to private it is not shown in freelancer search results and will not be seen by clients unless you submit a proposal to their job.

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Why was my profile set to private?

When a freelancer has not earned money on Upwork for 30 days, we change their profile to private to improve client search results by only showing them more active freelancers. This also rewards freelancers who regularly work and get paid through Upwork by ensuring that their profiles appear instead of inactive or unavailable freelancers in search results.

How can I keep my profile public?

Once you start earning again on Upwork, your profile visibility will be automatically reset. Alternatively, you can choose to subscribe to a Freelancer Plus membership to ensure that your profile visibility is never set to private.

Does this apply to new freelancers?

New freelancers have a 50 day grace period to build up a successful stream of work before the profile visibility restriction will begin. Remember, you can still submit proposals even if your profile is private.

Be sure to drop by the Hiring Headquarters and Upwork Community for tips and best practices that can help you determine your rate, write winning proposals, and improve your interviewing skills.

What if I am part of an agency?

Rules are the same for all freelancers, regardless of agency status, and are based on your contracts’ earnings on behalf of your agency (as well as any individual contracts, if you’re non-exclusive). Exclusive agency freelancers don’t have the ability to get a Plus membership, but can switch back to public by earning again or using the link on Find Work to contact us.

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