As your home for work, we want to help you win meaningful projects. This includes offering Freelancer Plus, which can help you more effectively market your services, submit proposals, and stand out from the crowd. When you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan for $20 USD a month, you'll receive the following perks:

  • 100 Connects per month to help you find great new projects
  • Upwork Chat Pro, a new AI work companion powered by OpenAI. Earn more by being more efficient. Upwork Chat Pro uses generative AI to help you complete repetitive tasks faster
  • View competitor bids for any job. See what competitors are bidding to gain a winning edge
  • Get exclusive access to the Freelancer Plus group. Building your network is critical as you grow your business. With this membership, you’ll be able to connect virtually and in person with a successful group of Freelancer Plus members who can share tools and advice
  • Skip the line for Upwork Skills Certifications. You’ll have priority access to our certification program and move to the front of the line. We offer certifications in the Web, Mobile, and Software Development category
  • Enjoy a 0% service fee when you bring new clients to Upwork. That’s 0% in freelancer service fees on all your contracts with those clients forever. Clients cannot have an existing Upwork account; reach out to us for more information
  • Customize your profile
    • Keep your profile active even when you take a break. Rest assured you are not missing opportunities when you allow your profile to be active
    • Keep your earnings private. Control who sees how much you've earned
    • Build your brand with a custom profile URL, so clients can remember how to find you

Plus, you'll maintain the regular perks of:

  • Unused Connects rolling over to next month
  • Hourly protection to make sure you're paid for each hour worked
  • Fixed-price payments that are secured through milestones

Upgrade to Freelancer Plus

  1. Go to SettingsMemberships & Connects
  2. Select Change Plan
  3. Choose the Upgrade button on the Plus plan

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my plan be billed and my Connects be added?

Your plan will be billed every month on the same date. Your billing cycle date is reset the day you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan. For example, if you switch to the Freelancer Plus plan on July 3, your new billing cycle date will be every month on the 3rd. Your Connects will refresh monthly on that day.

How many Connects can I roll over each month?

All of your Connects will roll over (unless they expire). There is no limit on the amount of Connects you can hold.

Do Connects ever expire?

Connects expire one year from the date of issue.

What's the difference between Freelancer Basic and Freelancer Plus?

The Freelancer Basic plan is your default free plan. The Freelancer Plus plan gives you access to benefits including 100 monthly Connects, access to the latest tools like Upwork Chat Pro, and visibility into competitor bids.

How do I cancel my Freelancer Plus membership and downgrade to Freelancer Basic?

To downgrade from Freelancer Plus to Freelancer Basic:

  1. Go to Settings > Memberships & Connects
  2. Select Change Plan
  3. Choose the Switch to Basic button on the Basic plan

Remember, if you want to cancel your Freelancer Plus plan, you’ll need to do so before your renewal date, which begins at midnight UTC time. If you wait until the renewal date, you’ll be charged and your cancellation will not be effective until the following billing cycle.

What is Upwork Chat Pro?

Upwork Chat Pro is an AI-powered, chat-based app that can help you start and complete work. Learn more about Upwork Chat Pro.

Why can’t I upgrade my membership?

Due to variable billing cycles for each freelancer, occasionally, there are overlaps with start dates when trying to upgrade to Freelancer Plus. If you have received the error message: "We are in the process of subscription renewals, and upgrades are not possible during that period," we encourage you to try again in 24 to 48 hours.

Billing dates are centered around your start date and are used to track the 10 monthly free Connects every active freelancer gets. If you have a basic account, you can still find your billing cycle at the bottom of the Membership & Connects page.

Membership billing cycles that start on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of the month will all be renewed on the first day of the following month.

How do I access the Freelancer Plus group?

You can visit the Freelancer Plus group here. We encourage you to subscribe to receive the latest topics.

How do I update to a custom profile URL?

To claim your custom profile URL:

  1. Go to Profile Settings
  2. Select the edit button next to Custom Profile URL
  3. Enter your preferred URL
  4. Select Save when complete. If the URL is unavailable, you will see an error allowing you to create a new one

There is no limit to how many times you can change your custom profile URL.

How do I set my earnings to private?

To keep your earnings private:

  1. Go to Profile Settings
  2. Scroll to Earnings Privacy and check the box
  3. Important reminder: This setting hides historical earnings on your profile. Your earnings will still be visible when you submit proposals or accept invitations to interview
How do I see the bid range on job posts?

When viewing a job post, scroll to the Activity on this job section. There, you will see the bid range, which includes the high, average, and low bid amounts.

How do I access the 0% service fee for bringing new clients to Upwork?

You can submit a request to waive the freelancer service fee for any new clients you bring to Upworkfrom your Community profile or by emailing After you submit your request, our team will be in touch with a client link within the next two business days. Please keep in mind that the client must be a new client and should not have an existing Upwork account.

How will I sign up for access to Upwork Skills Certification?

Freelancer Plus members will be prioritized for Upwork Skills Certifications in the web, mobile, and software development category. You can opt into Upwork Skills Certification inside your Community profile. The Upwork Skills Certification team will invite you to participate if you qualify.

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