To change the Payoneer payment method in your Upwork account, the old Payoneer account will need to be dissociated by our Customer Support team before the new one can be added. Click here to make that request.

Once the old Payoneer account has been disassociated from your Upwork account and removed, the support agent will notify you that the new Payoneer account can be added as a payment method from Settings  Get Paid. For instructions on adding a Payoneer account, click here.

If your old Payoneer account still appears when you try to add a new payment method, this means that the old Payoneer account was not disassociated from Upwork. Please update the related support ticket for further assistance.

Note: Payoneer accounts in India are no longer eligible, so if you disassociate your existing one, you won't be able to add another.

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