If you have an outstanding balance, a temporary restriction may be placed on your account until the balance is cleared. To clear your balance you should ensure you have an active primary billing method on file, then follow the below instructions.

Once your balance has been cleared, the restriction will be lifted and your account will be automatically resumed.

To pay your outstanding balance

  1. Go to Settings  Billing Methods
  2. Click Pay Now
  3. Select a billing method and the amount to pay, then click Pay Now

Note: If you choose to pay a partial amount of the outstanding balance the restriction on your account will remain in place until the full balance is cleared.

Why was my payment declined?

In most cases, payments are declined by the payment issuer. You may need to contact your provider to determine the reason they have not honored the charge to your billing method. You can also try the steps below to resolve the issue:

  • PayPal - Upwork can charge PayPal accounts that are verified and linked to a credit card and a bank account. Please log in to your PayPal account and follow the instructions to complete the process. If you do not see any issues with your PayPal account, please contact PayPal to determine why they are declining the Upwork charges.
  • Credit Card - In order to use your credit card on Upwork, the card must be verified. If you haven’t already verified your card, click here to learn how. There could be many other reasons your payment was unsuccessful, such as insufficient funds, the credit card is expired, fraud protection, etc. To find the specific reason, please contact your card issuer.
Can I spread my balance payment over different billing methods?

Yes, when you select ‘Pay Now’ you can select a billing method and amount to pay. If you have more than one billing method on file you can choose how much of your balance you want to pay with one billing method and make further payments with a different billing method.

I have paid my balance, why is my account still restricted?

Once a balance has been settled the financial restriction on your account should automatically be lifted. If you have been notified of additional restrictions on your account you will need to resolve these issues before your account can be resumed. Please follow the instructions provided in the notification or contact support for further assistance.

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